We are Divine. We are One.
We are Sacred Pillars Church.

Our Non-Denominational Church Mission: Assist like-hearted souls in the awakening and full embodiment of their spiritual potential through community outreach, sacred ceremonies, and ongoing support.

Sacred Pillars Church believes we are all one, sacred and divine, interwoven by a mass consciousness and eternally spiritually connected.  We believe that every being is on a spiritual path and embodies Creator, God, Spirit, Universe, etc. (whatever your term).  Our lives are filled with lessons that challenge our soul growth and can lead us to question our own divinity.   We serve to reinforce your divine essence and assist every member’s life journey to spiritual awakening through our church services and events.

Feeling lost? Looking for relief & lasting change?

Free yourself of stuck beliefs and behaviors by opening the doorway to your divine, awakened self.  Discover how through our:

  • Sacred sacrament ceremonies
  • Microdose coaching programs
  • Holistic community events
  • Ongoing integration support

Find out if this path is a fit for you!

Our community is here to help!

Sacred Pillars hosts monthly group integration meetings.

Talk about your experiences in a safe, non-judgmental environment, listen to the synchronicities of others’ stories, develop new healthy routines, get back on your path, connect with like-souls, and find your people!

Head over to our Integration page to learn more about why it is so vital and check out our scheduled meetings.

Ready for your next sacred ceremony?

Join Sacred Pillars for an empowering and safe group ceremony.  Our Ceremony page contains all the details.

June 30th, 2022

Virtual Microdosing Entheogens 101


Microdosing entheogens helps people change their lives in significant and sustained ways and find the divine within, but is microdosing right for you?

In this online educational class, learn from the experience of Sacred Pillars Church microdosing coaches.

Jul  9th, 2022

Ceremonial Breathwork + Potluck Dinner

We invite you to a ceremonial breathwork session to experience for yourself how you can be your own transformational healer simply by using your beautiful breath.



Jul 6th, 2022

Virtual Sharing Circle


Our community support is the real magic in any healing and spiritual enlightenment, regardless if you are using the sacred sacrament or not. Your tribe is the foundation on your spiritual path.

Jul 16th, 2022

Dinner + Integration

Join us for a pot-luck dinner, followed by integration, sharing, and support.  Anyone is welcome to attend that has an intention of spiritual connectedness, heart-centered sharing, and adding love into our church community.


Jul 7th, 2022

Virtual Akashic Records Meditation

In this virtual event, the Akashic Records are accessed to give a special group meditation tailored to relax, comfort, and provide knowing.  You’ll gain the well-being benefits of meditation + gain a greater understanding of who you are and insight into what you are to become.

Jul 28th, 2022

Women’s Cacao + Sharing Circle


Join The Women Of Our Amazing Church Community!

For the heart-opening power of cacao, sharing, and support.  Community support is the real magic in any healing and awakening to the divine. Y


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