Retreat Program: An overview

Learn all the details about our latest service offering, the Retreat Program, that bookends a 3-day retreat in the Central United States, with multi-week, group preparation and integration phases.

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Video Transcript

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hey everybody this is Tiffany with
sacred pillars and then this is Candi
from Sacred Pillars and we are super
excited to talk to you today about our
newest offering our that’s been one that has
been I think years in the making quite
honestly and Candy what is it called
this is our Entheogen Retreat program
all right so what what is this about uh
so in the past we’ve done three day
Retreats where it’s a weekend event with
in Entheogens as well as other activities
and ceremonies  what we have consistently learned over
the years working with people is that
one-time events are not enough one-time
events to get the healing and the
transformation and the lifelong profound
results that you’re really looking for
it’s just simply not enough so what we
have done is we have created the Entheogen retreat program
that takes our three-day Retreat and
prefaces it with a preparation phase and
then on the back end of it we add in an
integration phase so all in all this is
a two and a half month program where or
they’re in Entheogen itself is stuck in
there in the process but we’re helping
you prepare and we’re helping you
integrate we are going to have other
videos to talk to you about why those
are those pieces are so important but
just know that that’s kind of the
essence of what the Entheogen retreat program is about
and just to let you know the three-day
Retreat itself we’re going to continue
to hold those out in uh just Southwest
of Oklahoma City just about 20 minutes
south so that’s still going to be
located in central Oklahoma we’re going
to have other videos that talk about the
retreat itself but we’re going to talk
just a little bit more about the program
here in this video so I’m going to talk
to you about the the preparation phase
and what  that’s about so every Tuesday evening for for five
weeks before the retreat itself we’re
going to be meeting on Zoom as a group
to be doing preparation so what does
that mean well number one getting to
know each other super important to form
relationships with other participants as
well as the facilitators so we’re going
to be doing that for sure the other
thing that we’re going to be doing is
really getting into where you’re at
like what are you really trying to step
into who are you really where who are
you really and what are you really
trying to step into in the work that
you’re trying to do how well do you flow
in your life or not flow um how do you
surrender to the energies that are
present in your life all that is going
to translate into over into how well can
you do those things in ceremony or not
um because so basically what we’re going
to be doing is practicing for how to
lean into ceremony before we even get
into ceremonies so so you can really get
the most the full potentiality of the
experience the full benefit of the
experience by doing um this this
preparation work uh we’re also going to be doing things
like Vision setting we used to call this
intention setting before this is more
about creating a vision for yourself on
how you step into it we’re going to have
so we’re going to be doing this
virtually  connected on Zoom but we’re also
going to have online videos and worksheets and daily breath
work practices body scan practices
exercise worksheets you know all kinds
of fun stuff so that’s going to help you dig into you
and be self-reflective and do all those
things I just talked about so
so then we’ll have the retreat and then
then after the three-day Retreat we have
what we call is the integration phase
which is another five week phase where we’ll be meeting again every
Tuesday night for five weeks as a group
and really it’s the integration
framework hat we have again where
we’ll have some worksheets and tips to
help really  lean into
what you’ve learned in ceremony and see
if your vision is still in alignment
of what you went into ceremony with
and if it needs to shift you also get great groups of support and
we also provide private one-on-one
support meetings with each of you
and it’s just a great way it’s like you
get these discoveries and uncover in ceremonies like and how do
you take these and integrate this into
your daily life in your daily practices
to get those lifelong changes that
you’re wanting and it’s a very important
phase we’re so excited about this whole
Entheogen Retreat program with the
preparation the three-day ceremony and
the integration and we’ll go over why
all of these phases are so important in
more videos that we’ll be releasing over
the next few weeks
so if you’re interested in signing up or
finding out more about the Entheogen
Retreat program schedule Discovery call
with us and find out if you if you’re a
fit if this is something that’s a fit
for you and we’re so excited about this
and look forward to having this our
retreat and just one more thing if you are
somebody that has already had a
discovery call with us or a personal
assessment call with us and you’ve been
given the A-Okay to participate in uh
psilocybin ceremony with us or the or
the Entheogen retreat previously and
it’s been has it been more than six
months and your your health hasn’t
changed you are free to go ahead and
sign up directly for the the program
without having to go through another
Discovery call so whichever way uh what
works for you and fits for you we’d love
to have you join us if this really feels
like it’s something that you can benefit
from so check us out on our website on
our events page you can find the retreat
program uh event on our events page at forward slash
events and you can sign up from there
thanks everybody thank you