Virtual Breathwork

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Virtual Breathwork

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We invite you to a virtual group breathwork session to experience how you can be your own transformational healer simply by using your beautiful breath.  


OUR BREATH IS MEDICINE.  It may be hard to imagine this, but it’s true.  Imagine taking in fuller breaths, filling all your cells with vital oxygen, dropping out of the mind, being present with the breath, and tapping into the wisdom of the body opening up to your higher self.  Consider what your true power, peace, and freedom could feel like.  We invite you to let your breath take you on a journey of self-exploration and discovery.  


Virtual breathwork participants commonly tell us that these sessions are just as powerful as in-person breathwork, stating that they are able to relax fully into the experience being in the comfort of their home.  


Our style of breathwork is conscious, intentional breathing, using a multi-part breath for approximately 1 hour.  No prior experience is necessary… your body already knows how to breathe!  You should consult your doctor first if you have a history of serious epileptic seizure, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major cardiovascular issues, serious psychiatric symptoms, a history of aneurysms, recent surgery or other conditions that could impair your ability to breathe deeply and lie on your back on the floor for an hour.


Participants in our breathwork sessions often talk about having these types of experiences: 


  • Learning to be playful and curious.  Dance on your mat while lying down!
  • Allowing, surrendering, and releasing.
  • Moving things into the light to be acknowledged.
  • Moving energy… releasing the old and bringing in the new.
  • Connecting with inner wisdom, knowing, and truth.  
  • Feeling more alive by taking full oxygenated breaths that our bodies crave!
  • Opening to the higher dimensional self, getting out of the egoic mind and opening to our higher consciousness.
  • Ancestral reconnection.
  • Entering altered states of consciousness, synergistic to plant medicine experiences.
  • Reconnecting with the body, allowing it to teach us what it truly needs.
  • Strengthening the mind/body/spirit healing potential.
  • Releasing toxins, activating the parasympathetic nervous system for relaxation, releasing endorphins, decreasing cortisol, and stimulating the vagus nerve for healthy body functions. 


This ceremony includes:


  • Calling in spiritual helpers, opening with prayers, and invoking intentions.  
  • 1 hr of rhythmic, controlled, conscious breathing.
  • The playing of music that evokes your journey.
  • Virtual energetic support throughout your experience by trained and experienced breathwork facilitators.  
  • Integration sharing and support afterward.
  • Ongoing integration support through our 3x per month, group sharing circles.




How to prepare: Before our session, you’ll be creating a sacred, comfortable space for yourself without distraction. You’ll be lying on your floor/bed/couch for 1 hour.  You’ll want to be cozy and relaxed with headphones, tissues, blankets, water, eye cover, and a journal.  A complete preparation list and Zoom link are emailed to you after registration.  


Energetic exchange: $25  Pre-registration required.  Non-refundable.


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