Retreat Program: Linda on the importance of preparation & integration

Linda on the importance of preparation & integration in our entheogen retreat program.  Get Linda’s thoughts on why preparation and integration phases are fundamental to receive the full benefit of entheogen experiences.

The Entheogen Retreat Program is a multi-week journey to provide comprehensive preparation, a profound 3-day entheogen retreat just south of Oklahoma City, and post-ceremony support to understand and integrate your experience.

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Video Transcript

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hi there it’s Tiffany with sacred
pillars again and I’m speaking with the
lovely amazing Linda Brown
and a little  question and answer
today we’re talking about our entheogen
Retreat program and that that program includes an
integration and a preparation phase and
Linda I would love to know from you
why you think preparation is important
well I think that when we embark on these kinds of
healing modalities it’s very very
important to contemplate the intention
why do we want to do this
and then once we have determined that we
want to participate in a Entheogen program
like this to really spend time to
prepare for it and really go inside and
investigate those things that we are
aware of that we want to bring to our
um interface with the program and then
just be open and I believe the
preparation gives us the opportunity to
be open to those things that we’re
unaware that will that could arise as we
go throughout this process the the
integration part of the Entheogen program I feel
is very important as well because as we
do Embark in this type of healing modality
my experience has shown that lots of
things do come up and it’s very
important to gather and Garner support
as we go through this process and as we
begin to integrate what has been shown
to us and have support in being able to
bring that to our everyday life as
situations rise how do we view it
differently than perhaps we did before
and how do we have the support
because sometimes these things can stir
up things inside of us and the
integration helps support us in that
process as we go forward so question
you’ve been around medicine circles a
little bit and I know that you’ve seen
folks do preparation work as well as
integration work and I know that you’ve
seen folks that haven’t correct so what
would you say you could think of like
a poster child person that has gone
through Entheogen preparation and
integration how has their life changed
because of it versus somebody that maybe
didn’t well I would say that
um like I was saying before it’s
important to have internal support and
then Garner external support as I’ve
seen people that perhaps have not had
that piece of before during and after
then they find that some of these some
of the things that come up in the
process they’re kind of left alone to kind of
gather and that can be a difficult and
challenging process it can be difficult
and challenging even when you do have
the support and that’s why I really am
I’m really admiring the way this Entheogen program
is unfolding because I think that it
gives it gives opportunity for a process to be as
helpful and supportive and and just give us an
opportunity to really even go deeper as
we go through the integration process
so I think that it’s very very very
important for people to have a
underlying structure out of which out of
which they Embark in this type of
healing modality.  very good thank you so much you’re
welcome well there you have it uh from
Linda Brown we’re going to have lots
of other videos that talk about her and
Entheogen Retreat program so stay tuned
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