Step #1 to a safe & profound psilocybin experience

It’s the Personal Assessment, phase #1 of 4 in our approach to helping you avoid a “bad trip” on psilocybin (we don’t like using this term, as there are only experiences that help us see ourselves more clearly, some more or less challenging than others). Sign up for your Personal Assessment at: or find out more at



Video Transcript

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hi this is Tiffany with sacred pillars
and I’m talking to you today about our
unique approach okay to using
psychedelics in a safe and profound way
all right and this is Phase number one
of four phases phase number one is the
personal assessment
assessing your Readiness to use
psychedelics okay
just because you may have done research
on the internet heard a friend’s
experience watched a direct documentary
read a book does not mean you are ready
everybody is so different your
circumstances are also different okay so
on this assessment basically candy or I
who are professional uh psychedelic
coaches and facilitators
we’re going to help you understand your
your Readiness uh we’re not we’re not
doctors we’re not mental health
professionals but we’re gonna we’re
gonna take a look at what what you have
as far as physical or mental health uh
conditions as well as medications and
we’re gonna based on what is known kind
of out there in this space if that may
or may not be safe for you of course we
want you to always always consult your
own health care team when making these
types of decisions but we can give you
some anecdotal uh suggestions based on
what we know of what’s going on in the
space we’re also going to help you
understand the enthiogen process like
what would it actually be like to use it
in theogen because I tell you again what
you might see on a video or in a book or
or it it just it honestly just may not
match what you are expecting it to be
okay so we’re going to be get really
real about what you might be able to
expect during experience we’re going to
give you feedback to help you decide
whether or not it’s right right for you
we’re gonna we’re gonna give you
suggestions on how to maybe tailor the
experience to to help you get what you
are looking for and really how to make
that how overall to make that experience
safe and profound and what next steps
you you might take so it’s a it’s a
standalone service you can go out and
and do whatever you’d like with with
that information
um but we are here to help you
understand your Readiness and how to
make that as safe a process as possible
and to get those results that you’re
looking for so
um if you’re interested in that at all
this is this is called a personal
assessment that we do we’d love to be
able to help you out we’ve got links in
the description that you can click on to
go ahead and schedule that and we’d love
to chat with you thanks for joining us