Microdose Coaching

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is the act of consuming small doses of an entheogen (aka psychedelic) over a period of time, whereas you feel a minimal “altered” effect yet potentially gain consistent, transformative benefits.  Many different types of entheogens or psychedelics can be microdosed and they are typically taken on a weekly schedule (a Sacred Pillars Church coach helps you determine a customized schedule).  When microdosing is used in conjunction with transformational intentions, objective setting, an evaluation framework and ongoing feedback and support, users can achieve life-changing, sustained results without the need for higher doses of entheogens.

Why Microdose?

It is a misconception that you have to take large doses of entheogens in order to see profound transformation in your life.  Working with small doses, strong intention, and willingness to dive into self-discovery, combined with a supportive, feedback framework is often just as powerful.  Microdosing may help you get past limiting beliefs and into a heart space, without the potential discomfort felt with higher doses.  It can help you enter a place of tolerance and self-acceptance, while giving you insights and awareness into how you can make constructive changes in your life and bring about transformation.  Microdosing is not the “thing” that will change your life.  It is a tool!!  You already have the power within yourself to transform.  You just have to unlock it!

Potential Benefits of Microdosing

The possible rewards to microdosing are vast.  Here are just a few that many people describe throughout their microdosing experience, and beyond:

  • Minimal uncomfortable “altered” effect compared to using larger doses
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Ease moving with the flow of the universe (aka flow state)
  • New awarenesses and perceptions
  • More self-love
  • Passion and purpose
  • Improved focus
  • Increased creativity
  • More empathy and patience
  • Heightened spiritual connection
  • Courage to walk through fears
  • Less self-judgment
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Higher levels of energy

Who is Microdosing for and why have a Coach?

Whether you have never microdosed before or are experienced but wish to improve your results, microdosing with a coach can give you the one on one support and structure needed to have lasting breakthroughs.

When microdosing on your own without specific objectives or intentions nor within a proven framework, it can be difficult to make positive changes and have insights or awarenesses. We each have our old stories we tell ourselves which can keep us stuck, block our progress or prevent us from realizing our highest purpose and path.   A lot of times we don’t even know why we are stuck or what we are feeling, which keep us from making the positive changes we desire. A Sacred Pillars coach helps you make sense of your microdosing experience, gives feedback on how to incorporate insights into your day to day life, offers possible alternative perspectives, helps you refine your goals and actions to take to get you on a higher purpose path, and provides vital ongoing feedback and support for your own self discovery.   We help you create a new story and suggest tools that can help you unlock and maintain positive behaviors for a life of passion and purpose that you want and deserve!

In our experience, microdosing is not a quick fix solution.  We rarely see it work like a “pill” nor miraculously change lives without having to put in the work of self-exploration and by making positive, habitual changes.  For example, if you are feeling down and you microdose with the intention of feeling lighter however you do not create time and space nor are willing to examine why you may feel down, you may not experience the benefits of microdosing.  If you are looking for microdosing to fix you like a “pill,” SacredPillars Church microdose coaching is not a good fit.

The Sacred Pillars Church Microdose Coaching Process

We start with an intake call via phone or zoom.  We get to know one another and discuss your challenges, intentions and goals for microdosing. We go over any questions, determine how Sacred Pillars Church Microdose Coaching can best help you, and decide together if microdosing is a fit for you.

After we agree to work together, a Sacred Pillars Church coach develops a starting, customized plan and journal to help you document your intentions and results.  The plan includes a customized microdose schedule with suggested dose.   Your journal is for you to track your weekly microdosing steps, intentions and goals, new awarenesses, actions taken, and daily/weekly routines.   Journaling is critical to self-discovery and is a required component of Scared Pillars Church Microdose Coaching.

The coaching sessions will be scheduled on the day that you microdose.  We have found that having the coaching sessions the same day you microdose helps provide the most insight and self-awareness.  The goal of the session will be to focus on your intention, however with microdosing you always get what you need and the session can take on a life of its own.   We will guide you through the process of your weekly microdosing experience and provide feedback and support for your own self-discovery.

Note: Sacred Pillars Church does not provide entheogens for microdosing.

What do you get with a Sacred Pillars Church 5-Week Coaching Program?

You get a customized microdose coaching plan and weekly sessions to achieve your desired results, including:

    • 4 Weekly online, one on one, 90 – minute microdose coaching session to guide you through your transformational process.
    • Customized journal sheets designed to track your results and progress week to week.
    • Interactive engagement during your microdosing session to help you identify, uncover, translate, and clarify the insights of your experience.
    • Evaluation of your weekly microdose experience.
    • Flexible weekly plan adjustments, including recommendations and actionable supporting activities, as determined by your breakthroughs.
    • Ongoing recommendations for adjusting microdose schedule or dose, if necessary.
    • Available for online support between scheduled weekly sessions.
    • Final plan with overview of results & future implementation suggestions for ongoing success and lasting change.

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