Entheogen Retreat Program

Gift yourself mind, body, heart, and spiritual connection by forming a relationship with entheogen sacraments in Oklahoma.

Experienced, ordained facilitators and psychedelic (a.k.a. entheogen) coaches guide you safely through a 10-week journey that includes preparation, medicine journey, and integration for life-transformative results.

Upcoming Entheogen Retreat Programs

 June 16th 2023 retreat, preparation begins May 16th – View Details

October 13th 2023 retreat, preparation begins September 12th – View Details


If interested in a private entheogen experience, please book a personal assessment call.

The Power of Group Energy – consider an Entheogen Retreat Program experience

Your spiritual journey can be profoundly accelerated by a group dynamic.  People’s self-discovery can be closely linked to the amplified value of combined energies brought forth from communal experiences.  Some benefits reported by group participants include the:

  • Opportunity to find your community (“your people”)
  • Development of deep and intimate bonds
  • Immediate support during the ceremony event
  • Ongoing connection and integration support
  • Assurances that you are “not alone”
  • Synchronistic gatherings of like-souls whose collective energies combine for your spiritual connection
  • Opening up to vulnerability and releasing of social anxiety
  • Increased accountability, self-trust and confidence


How is the Entheogen Retreat Program Structured?

The 5-week Preparation Phase 

Your transformational journey starts well before taking the sacred sacrament.  The entheogen does not show us anything that is not already within us.  If you don’t know how to “sit” with yourself, such as observe, feel, or experience those things within you that may be challenging to face or accept, your entheogen journey could be a difficult one.  We’ve learned from years of experience and working with hundreds of people, the better you prepare for your plant medicine journey, the safer and more profound your experience will be.

Under our professional coaching guidance, we help you:

  • Understand obstacles or impediments to achieving your goals
  • Begin to break down these barriers and reshape disempowering thinking
  • Connect with your true nature using Daily Practice preparatory pdfs using the breath and body work
  • Identify your unique way of processing and handling life’s challenges
  • Learn to process your life in a way that is aligned with entheogen use, by balancing mind, body, mental, spiritual centers
  • Prepare you for the journey, so you know:
    • how to handle potentially uncomfortable experiences
    • how to work with the sacrament for profound results
    • what to potentially expect during the ceremony
    • how we can assist during your experience
    • 4 virtual group sessions
      • Online videos
      • Pdf exercises & daily practices
      • One-on-one support
      • Participant-participant & participant-facilitator relationship building


The 3-Day Entheogen Retreat

Our 3-Day Retreat is held in a safe private space, either indoors or outdoors and includes:

  • Sacred space on 65 beautiful, secluded acres 20 minutes SW of Oklahoma City
  • 1 breathwork ceremony
  • 1 entheogen ceremony
  • Other ceremonies include sweat lodge, meditation, smoke bath, flower bath, and integration
  • Drinking of ceremonial-grade Cacao for heart opening
  • Small group, maximum 12 participants
  • Indoor communal sleeping accommodations (we sleep where we hold ceremony)
  • Most meals (we ask you to bring 1 communal meal for Friday night)
  • Guidelines for ceremony preparation, including dietary suggestions and worksheets for helping you craft effective intentions
  • Energy clearing
  • Personalized reassurance, assistance, and immediate integrative support


The 4-week Integration Phase 

Despite the limited scope of what many videos, documentaries, books or testimonials suggest, rarely do we witness participants having sustained, life-changing results just from the ceremony itself.  It can happen.  It is rare.  More likely, an integration phase is required, where you take what you learned, experienced, felt, released, etc. in ceremony and you integrate the “changed” you back into your day-to-day life.  People can have difficulty understanding their experience, processing emotions, unhealthy behaviors could increase rather than decrease, knowing how to make changes in their life, etc.  This is a process that takes time, patience, and support to work through.

Through our integration follow-up sessions and professional coaching, we help you to navigate and ease your changes and shifts into your existing environment, community, family, relationships, and work.   The integration phase includes:

  • 4 virtual group integration sessions
  • 1 private, one-on-one session
  • Integration framework and tips provided to make your retreat experience profound and lasting
  • Videos and pdf exercises to continue aligning with your authentic self
  • Ongoing connection with participants and facilitators




Our Role as Facilitators and Coaches

During the coaching preparation and integration phases, we work together closely, 1:1, week to week to offer guidance, reassurance, effective planning, tools, etc. to empower you on your path.

During the ceremony experience itself, we believe strongly that your preparation, the entheogen, and integration efforts bring through the energies that do the work.  When you embark on a journey using entheogens, simply put, the plant medicine wants to develop a relationship with you.  Our experienced, ordained facilitators and coaches are simply there to provide you with reassurance and assistance, as needed.  During ceremony, we do not interfere in your process, but rather encourage participants to relax, lie down, surrender to the process, and allow the experience to unfold introspectively.  We encourage releasing and expressing that can aid in your transformational journey, while we ensure you and the ceremony space are kept safe.  As facilitators, we could assist by playing music, using light language, and using sound healing instruments (crystal bowls, drumming, rattling, etc.).  The conversations and dialogue with us after ceremony play a significant role in the integration process, during the ceremony event and ongoing.

The Sacred Sacraments

Mushroom Sacrament

The therapeutic potential of mushroom is emerging into mainstream conversations and clinical studies.   As western society slowly releases social stigma and false beliefs, we reawaken our consciousnesses to its profound healing nature.  Indigenous tribes all over the world have used it for spiritual and healing purposes for millennia.

We use this sacred sacrament in ceremony to empower the individual person to connect with the divine self, all of humanity, and integrate with the One Divine Consciousness.


Cacao is a plant native to Central and South America that has been used historically by the Aztecs and Mayans for medicinal and ritualistic purposes.  Its scientific name Theobroma cacao actually means “food for the Gods” and it was believed to have been sent from the heavens as a gift to mankind.

We hold a Cacao ceremony, where you may experience heart-opening and expansiveness.

Not yet sure if entheogens are right for you?


Have you watched a documentary or read a book about the transformational potential of entheogens but you’re still not sure if it is for you? For your SAFETY and understanding the best-fit experience for LIFE-LONG RESULTS, your specific background, health, readiness, and goals need specific consideration. A more intense ceremony experience is not always the most helpful. Did you know that oftentimes a slower, more gentle approach using microdosing can give longer lasting, breakthrough results without the potential anxiety? We give you our expert guidance based on your specific situation so you can take the safest, most profound entheogen path. We invite you to consider using our expertise to help you determine if entheogens are for you and a safe starting place.

Eligibility for Participation with Sacred Pillars

The sacred mushroom entheogen is generally considered to be non-toxic and physically safe.  However, we are not medical practitioners nor is there sufficient research that supports conclusive guidance for mixing the sacrament with certain health situations.  Evidence suggests there are certain health situations that could increase the risk of adverse effects. Please consider the following before scheduling a personal assessment session.

You are likely to not be a fit with our ceremonies if you meet any of the following conditions:

    • You or a 1st or 2nd degree blood relative has a current or past history of schizophrenia or other psychotic disorder or bipolar I or II disorder.
    • You are taking lithium.
    • You are taking tricyclic antidepressants.
    • You are taking MAOIs.
    • You have a heart condition, such as high blood pressure, stroke, irregular heartbeat, aneurysm, or heart attack.
    • You are pregnant.
    • You do not discontinue use of medical cannabis within 4 hours of ceremony.
    • You do not discontinue personal use of the mushroom sacrament within 2 weeks of ceremony (ex. if microdosing).
    • You do not discontinue use of supplements that may affect serotonergic function, such as 5-HTP or St. John’s Wort, within 3 days of ceremony.
    • You are under the influence of alcohol or recreational/illegal drugs.
    • You have 1. tested positive for COVID-19 and it is less than 10 days from being symptom free 2. been exposed OR strongly suspect exposure to COVID-19 and it has been less than 10 days since the exposure 3. any symptoms of being infected with COVID-19.


A Consideration for Those Taking Anti-Depressants…

Certain medications may reduce the effectiveness of the sacred mushroom entheogen.  If you take the following medications, you may wish to reconsider participating, as the effectiveness of your experience may be diminished:

    • SSRIs
    • SNRIs

Please note, a reduction in efficacy is not experienced by all.  Every individual is different and we have witnessed people taking these medications that still have very profound spiritual experiences, as well as others that have very flat experiences.  It is your personal decision whether or not you wish to participate in ceremonies knowing this information.

Additional Considerations…

Your health, mindset, and intentions are huge deciding factors in making a safe decision to use entheogens.

Well-aligned ceremony participants commonly state the following intentions:

    • Improvement of mental wellbeing
    • Spiritual connectedness
    • Mystical experiences
    • Healing of past traumas
    • Releasing of stuck, limiting beliefs
    • Peace of mind
    • Clarity and focus
    • Direct connection to angels, ETs, other versions of self, past lives, etc.
    • Formation of new healthy habits
    • Improving personal relationships
    • Being in universal flow and creativity


Cost for Entheogen Retreat Program


  • Immersive, Group Experience: 5-week Preparation, 3-Day Group Retreat, 1:1 Integration, 5-week Group Integration: $1275

To find out more details about our upcoming retreat programs, including how to sign up, visit:

June 16th 2023 retreat, preparation begins May 16th

October 13th 2023 retreat, preparation begins September 12th


  • Private, 1-person entheogen programs are available.  They include 1:1, 5-week Preparation, a 1-Day Private Entheogen Ceremony, 4-week, 1:1 Integration.  The cost is $3625.

To find out if a private entheogen experience is the right fit, book a Personal Assessment Call.

Find out all the details about our upcoming retreats, including how to sign up, by visiting: