Safe & profound psilocybin experience

Step # 3 to a safe & profound psilocybin experience.  We’ve finally made it to the psilocybin experience itself, whether that be at a retreat or private, individual ceremony. This video is an overview of the different psilocybin ceremony offerings we have, our roles, how we can assist you in your process, and the ceremonial flow. If you want to determine if you are a good fit for a ceremony, sign up for a Personal Assessment at or learn more


Video Transcript

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hi this is Tiffany with sacred pillars
talking to you today about our
approach some more and phase three our Safe and profound psilocybin experience
so hopefully you’ve already seen
the other videos where we talked about
phase one the personal assessment
phase two being preparation so phase
three is the actual psilocybin psychedelic Journey itself okay
so what is that all about well you know
who knows quite honestly it is magical
and mysterious and unpredictable and
that’s why the assessment to gauge
safety in your as well as your
preparation is so so so very very
important to have a Safe and profound psilocybin experience
I’m gonna just tell you because it’s
kind of in general just our
structure what happens in ceremony
that’s a complete like that’s a that’s a
series of probably like a hundred videos
so this is this is literally just to
kind of give you a little bit of idea of
how we structure our our ceremonies so you can have a
Safe and profound psilocybin experience
and I want to be clear this is talking
about ceremonies in the respect of a
macro dose of psilocybin not a microdose and we’ll we
have other videos that we’re gonna have
that talk about the difference between
microdosing and macro dosing both are
very very very beautiful paths to using
psilocybin but this is talking about
the macro dose ceremony Okay so
what’s something to think
about here you know what options do
you want to consider for yourself as far
as having a ceremony
if you want to have a private ceremony
we offer those a group ceremony
so this is where you know you can
have people come in that you you know
that you know we could do private
group ceremonies as long as we do the
the same assessment and the same
preparation with everybody you can do a
private group ceremony we also have
Retreats this might be a three-day
Retreat that we we’ve been doing those
where we also incorporate other types
of ceremonies along with a medicine Journey
you know we we have just one day
group ceremonies as well so just kind of
depends what we have going on and and
where where you’re ready to to jump in
quite quite honestly so uh some of the
other things that just in general on the ceremony itself
so our role we feel like is to create a
safe space for you so you’ve already
done the assessment you’ve already done
the preparation you’re coming in
with at least some Comfort some ease
that you’re going to be able to work
through and process what the medicine might
present okay and our job really is to create a safe
space for you to do that with them so we
are creating a sacred container
um we are what we’re doing is called
facilitating we might help help you and
assist you without interference that’s
big for us we are not guiding a process
for you that’s that’s up to you in the
medicine and the prep work with that
you’ve done beforehand helps you figure
out how to do that while while you’re in
the in the medicine we keep our our
group ceremonies whether it’s a retreat or a group
ceremony to 10 or less people quite
honestly like 10 or fewer we don’t
don’t really find it beneficial to
everybody involved to go higher than
that we love to have a high
facilitator to participant ratio again
to make sure that we’re we’ve got that
that safe space for you and be able to
assist you in things things that might
come up so what else is important to know
this is a very introspective Journey
this is where you’re going to be lying
on your mat maybe for four to six hours
you’re going to be introspective into
yourself we really discourage
for the purposes of our ceremonies
are really discouraged and we don’t find
it beneficial if you’re trying to do
deep introspective work to be you know
chit chatting with your neighbor the
whole time there’s a place for that like
as we’re coming out of the medicine that
that may be appropriate but really the
heart of the journey is you and the
medicine working together
 we use music to help the flow go along
you know and we’re absolutely there
to help you should should you need help
like that’s that’s the other thing we’re
not I’d mention we’re not going to guide
the process  but if you have things that
come up that you need help and assist
with we can help you move through that
process so we are absolutely there to
support you should you need it but we’re
not guiding  the the process okay so
what else what what else could happen
um you know really like I said
anything can really happen and the
journey is going to be yours with the
medicine uh so the the what happens
during it can’t really answer that in a really
short video that might be some other
videos or that might be more of a a
one-on-one conversation specific to kind
of your your circumstances uh and you
know again we’re here to support you
that’s that’s the bottom line we’re here
to support you provide a safe
experience so that really quickly is what a
ceremony itself might might look like
from a structural standpoint if you want
help understanding for yourself whether
or not you’d be a good fit for a
ceremony we’d love to talk to you about
that is phase one of our approach
which is the personal assessment and in
the description you can find out how to
sign up for that so thank you for
joining us today