Our Team

Tiffany Stuhr

Wow! Who is that person who couldn’t even smile? Entheogens saved Tiffany’s life!  She was small, silent, broken, miserable, in constant physical pain, joyless and she couldn’t even tell you why.  Entheogens changed everything in her life, in some ways temporarily more challenging, but ultimately ALWAYS profoundly rewarding.

The process: challenging, introspective, painful at times, joyful, peaceful, connected, and ultimately transformative.

The results: after years of deep work using entheogens, the pounds melted off of her because she no longer requires a personal defense shield, her “stay small and safe” attitude is gone, she’s an entrepreneur, she has amazing, loving relationships, deep spiritual connectedness to all of creation and she sees past the illusion.

Today, Tiffany serves others by creating safe spaces for spiritual transformation using entheogens & other healing modalities.

She is an Oklahoma-based ordained minister and facilitates safe entheogen experiences.  As co-founder of Sacred Pillars Church, she desires for everyone to have the same healing opportunities so they may fully embrace life and awaken to their highest divine potential.

Candi Boyer

Candi could not imagine feeling the way she does today!  She had been on a healing journey for over half her life involved in 12 step programs, therapy, inner child workshops, treatment and other traditional means of therapy recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, sexual abuse and childhood traumas.  These healing tools provided a lot of healing, sense of self and purpose but she still felt like she didn’t belong and there was a disconnect in her close relationships.  The self judgement and ruminating thoughts were still unbearable at times.  It was always confusing to her how she could be so successful, have close relationships and look put together on the outside when inside she felt like she didn’t deserve success or that people didn’t really love or accept her.  She still felt alone and although she wasn’t turning to alcohol or drugs she would unconsciously self sabotage by using other outside things like tobacco, gambling, TV to cover up the way she felt.

In 2018, she was introduced to entheogens as a healing tool and boy did things start to change for her!  It took some deep inner work, tears, laughter, self honesty and practice.  Today, her life is full of purpose, serenity, joy, meaningful and loving relationships and she no longer has that constant chatter in her head.  She knows and feels with all her being that she is worthy of all the abundance, love, and happiness as does each one of you reading this.

Today, Candi’s passion is to provide a safe and loving space for others to find their own divine self and spiritual transformation.

She is an ordained minister, certified psychedelic coach, kambo practitioner,  and facilitates entheogen ceremonies and retreats .  She is a co-founder of Sacred Pillars Church.  Her desire is to share her transformation with others so they know they aren’t alone and there are alternative solutions.