Our Team

Tiffany Stuhr

Wow! Who is that person who couldn’t even smile? Thank God for plant medicine… it saved Tiffany’s life!  She was small, silent, broken, miserable, in constant physical pain, joyless and she couldn’t even tell you why.  Then, she was introduced to plant medicine and everything in her life changed, in some ways temporarily more difficult but ultimately ALWAYS profoundly rewarding.

The process: grueling… by far the most difficult, introspective, painful work she’s ever done. She had to re-experience traumas, abuse, and self-sabotaging beliefs (from this life, other lives, and other people’s) in order to purge them from her being…. man, she can puke!

The results: after years of intense healing work using plant medicines, the pounds melted off of her because she no longer requires a personal defense shield, her “stay small and safe” attitude is gone, she’s an entrepreneur, she has amazing, loving relationships, deep spiritual connectedness to all of creation and she sees past the illusion.

Today, Tiffany serves others by creating safe spaces for healing using plant medicines.

She is an ordained minister and has facilitated approximately a hundred ceremonies.  She is a co-founder of Sacred Pillars Church and desires for everyone to have the same healing opportunities so they may fully embrace life and awaken to their highest divine potential.

Candi Boyer

Candi began her healing and spiritual journey in 1989.   Since she was young she always felt like she was different and didn’t belong.  Even though she was a good athlete and played sports through college, was well liked, she never felt like she fit in.  She was 26 years old, had two DUIs and was a crack addict.  She had pulled away from most of her friends and felt alone and that she had nothing to offer.  She decided to get some help and that was the start of her healing journey.  She went to treatment and got clean and sober.

For over 30 years, she has been involved in 12 step programs, therapy, treatment, inner child workshops and service work.  Through this work, she discovered she was sexually abused at a young age and that it wasn’t normal to be 16 and dating your 32-year-old coach.  Who knew…she didn’t.  The work she had done over the years provided her with a lot of healing of childhood trauma and tools to find self-love, happiness and  spirituality.  Although she had close relationships, was successful in business, and happy with life, there was still a feeling of disconnectedness from others and a deep level of shame.

In 2018, she was introduced to new healing tools – Plant Medicine.  Her life took on a whole new meaning and a new level of transformation.  Plant medicine has helped her reach levels of healing that she didn’t realize was possible.  Today, she has amazing relationships, a deep level of self -love and worth, feels connected to the universe and has an amazing life.

Today, Candi’s passion for life and healing helps guide the way for others.

Her goal is to provide a safe space for healing, personal transformation, and spiritual growth and to make sure that the whole experience is not only safe, but exciting, insightful and effective.  She provides support and guidance for preparation and integration no matter where a person is along their journey. She is an ordained minister and has facilitated over a hundred ceremonies.  She is a co-founder of Sacred Pillars Church.