Tiffany’s microdosing psilocybin experiences

Learn about Tiffany’s personal experiences with microdosing psilocybin and why she thinks it is just as powerful as macrodosing. If you want to discover more about microdosing and how it can be combined with professional coaching for life-changing results, go to


Video Transcript

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hey there it’s Tiffany with sacred
pillars answering some more questions
today this one is about again a little
bit more about my personal experiences
and this time it’s about microdosing
people want to know more about my my
personal experiences with with
microdosing and why I do it in
particular so we’ve got all kinds of
other videos that talk about what microdosing actually is so if you don’t know
what I’m talking about go back and and
watch those first
so microdosing and why I use it is
because I think it can be just as
powerful just as powerful a tool as a
macro dose or like a larger
uh ceremonial dose maybe something you
would take at a group ceremony or a
retreat something like that
this I’m talking about is something that
you basically are taking
maybe a couple times a week
in the comfort of your own home and you
are working intentionally with that
to really see what comes up for you
um that’s that’s how we encourage people
to use it that’s how we we um ask people
to use it with our coaching clients okay
so why why do I use them I use it number
one first and foremost is to get into
something what I call a flow state so
that to me is whatever the universe has
presented to me then I’m likely in some
kind of resistance about what what I use
that microdose for is to help me do what
I call it
flip over and Float which is get into
the universal flow of things and get out
of resistance
it also helps me see
and have different awareness that I
may not see otherwise so lots of times I
might have lots and lots and lots and
lots of thoughts come into my into my
brain you know you get a thought it goes
you get a thought it goes what I find
happens a lot of times with microdosing
is that when there’s something in
particular for me to pay attention to
a thought will come and it’ll stick
it’ll stay right here
until I pay attention to it and then I
start to look at it I start to ask
questions about it and then usually some
kind of
story will unfold with having a
perception change or awareness that I
didn’t have before which is like really
beautiful because a lot of times that’s
why I would go into doing macrodose
ceremonies but I realize I can get a lot
of that with just doing the microdose
also I love to use it for
creativity so this would be where
you know I’m I’m not
I don’t have the greatest time it’s not
the the most fun activity for me with
doing a bunch of writing
but there’s times that I
need to do it with the the church work
so if I get into
um a time when I need to be kind of in a
creative flow and just allow things just
kind of come out to kind of tap into
what uh what the universe wants to have
come through me with with writing I will
use it for that and then the other thing
and like this is probably something that
people really don’t think about using it
but I will use it to really
intentionally tap into my emotions so a
lot of times people want to run away
from emotions we we are
we are feeling human beings we are meant
to feel
the entire spectrum and range of
emotions and sometimes I might feel a
little stuck with that like I know
something’s kind of there I can’t get
quite in touch and in tune with it tap
into it but I know there’s some feeling
there that that I want to go into deep
deeper about to be able to process
because it will free me up it’ll free if
I’m feeling pain if I’m feeling
well guess what if I’m able to feel that
and experience that there’s love and
beauty and joy just waiting for me I
experience that all the time but
sometimes it’s not fun to go in and feel
heartbreak so anyway that’s just one
example of of intentionally trying to
tap into getting emotional release
so I can feel unblocked and go about
really enjoying my beautiful life the
way that uh the way I’m intending to
live it fully and completely and
stepping into it so this is just a few
ways that um I I like to use microdosing
there’s literally a list this long of
um how do you how to go into using
microdosing as far as potential benefits
and other reasons why people use it so
um we have classes we do a microdosing
psilocybin 101 class that we talk more
in depth about that you can find that on
our church events page if you want to
learn more more about that please join
us all right thanks for watching