What is Sacred Pillars Church?

Find out about the church, how it started, its co-founders, Candi Boyer and Tiffany Stuhr, and how entheogens like psilocybin lifted their depression and anxiety. For more info, visit www.SacredPillars.church.


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Hi, I’m Candy with Sacred Pillars Church and this is Tiffany, uh, other co-founder of the church. And we’re here today to talk to you a little bit about the church and what we do and our services and a little bit about, uh, ourselves. So a little about, a little bit about myself. I have been working with plant medicine the last several years.
Uh, you’ll hear me call it Plant Medicine Endogen. Uh, psychedelics, Ssy, it’s, uh, it’s all the same, like to use Inogen, um, a lot of times. So myself, I’ve done extensive healing, uh, in work on myself over half of my life. Uh, starting working with my own addictions through 12 step programs. But really, uh, the last several years have really done some extensive healing, rewriting who I am and.
A lot of shifts in my life using, uh, entheogens for other addictions, for spiritual growth and expansion and just really wholeness and transformation of myself. There’s been a lot of transformation and what I wanted to do is to, with my own healing and working with the medicines, is help bring this to others.
Since I’ve experienced it, worked with it, uh, I’ve done a lot of research, have gone through and gotten certifications for psychedelic coaching, uh, to serve combo, which we’ll talk about later. Uh, and, uh, licensed minister for the church. So we’ve been working with, uh, these medicines and research to, to help bring these life transformation, uh, in healing tools to.
So that’s a little bit about myself. Uh, Tiffany, would you like to talk about, about you today?
Sure thing. So I’m Tiffany Stuhr, and I am the other co-founder of Sacred Pillars Church. And a little bit about me and, you know, how how in the world did I get on this path to doing, doing the work that we do?
Sometimes I will still question that myself, . , but it, it sure started with my own healing journey. . , you know, I’ve had, I’ve had chemical dependency and addiction issues, depression, um, traumas, you know, abuse that I, that really put me in a bad spot, um, in life, , well into my adulthood. And I was pretty, pretty dang miserable.
Pretty much depressed, purposeless, lifeless, quite honestly. , had absolutely no. Connection to other people, to my own sense of spirituality. So I was, I was out, I was out, I was, I was, , not, not liking to do this thing called life. So I, had got introduced to this concept of using psychedelics or entheogens for healing and transformation, and I.
wouldn’t you say? Maybe five or six times over a different person.
Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And,
and it’s nonstop. It keeps coming folks, . This isn’t about a, a destination. It’s, it’s definitely a journey. And what’s happened for me is, i’s so, it’s, it’s so hard to describe just absolute shifts and changes in perception and belief systems.
What I believe about myself, other people. Uh, how I love myself. I could never say that before, I couldn’t, I couldn’t allow anything in to receive into a hard space cuz I was so shut down. So anyway, I’m a completely different person five times over, at least five times counting. And so, so obviously Candy had a similar journey.
We were in parallel paths doing this healing work together. And , you know, we just kind of, we started working with, with some maybe some friends and facilitating just some informally, um, with introducing the, the medicines to other people. And what we’ve realized is that we kind of had a knack for creating sacred space.
Sacred safe space for others that they could do their own healing work. So from that we created Sacred Pillars Church. So what Sacred Pillars Church. . So first of all, it’s non-denominational. Uh, it is up to you to determine what, what your idea and belief and, and senses about what spirituality is for you.
The one thing that we do believe is that the divine resides within, and that’s for us individually to, to figure out what that is. Um, so where really what, what we got led to do is bring together people in community. , we don’t heal alone. Mm-hmm. , I mean, we don’t, we’re, we’re really conditioned to think that we can do that.
Okay. I don’t, It doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t work that way at all. We need a tribe. We need a healing tribe. We need, we need loving, absolute loving support to help us on this path. So using the entheogens or the plant medicines, it’s really. one, one. Tiny bit of it. We, you need support and need communities.
So we created the church. Mm-hmm. , and we do all kinds of things in the church, but kind of the, the big thing that we help people do is transform, uh, using entheogens themselves, by creating these sacred containers, these safe places within a framework where people can have profound life, life changing. Um, so we’re excited to do that within, uh, a framework.
We’re, we’re really, um, pretty darn, uh, happy with the framework that we’ve created to help people not only go into a setting and have an experience, cuz again, that’s a little bit of it. There’s a whole bunch of preparation work. and then integration work, which what happens afterwards. And then like, repeat, repeat, repeat.
So we’ve, we’ve created framework and services around that. Uh, so speaking of services,
Yes. So as, uh, Tiffany was talking about the, you know, we’re really proud of what we’ve put together. It is through our own experiences working with others and other teachers that have taught. Uh, feel like we’ve taken in some indigenous tribe, um, ceremonial practices as well as just some of our own and through our own teachings and learnings and through our courses that we have taken, uh, that we have this beautiful framework and our services fall in line with that.
Number one, what we do is we do a personal as. To make sure someone is where their readiness is, and that is mentally, emotionally, and physically, all those things. You, you need to be ready to go in and working with entheogens. Mm-hmm. and where are you? Uh, there’s different ways to work within entheogens, uh, and we have services wrapped around that.
So we go through and do a one-on-one call and see where you. And can do recommendations either for our services or if you’re wanting to go off someplace else, it can let you know where your readiness is and if it’s gonna be safe for you. So that’s number one. Uh, number two, we do have private ceremonies as well as one day, two three day retreat.
Using the sacred sacraments as well as bringing in other holistic practices to help further your mind, body, and spirit, and to get the most that you can outta working with as well as these other holistic tools. It’s not just about the. Itself, that is just a tool. There’s so much more that goes into it for transformation and true healing.
And then we have, um, microdose coaching where micro, the coaching is really, we have anywhere from seven weeks to four month programs, depending again, where you are in your journey. Uh, we put, we wrap that framework around that, and it is a beautiful program that we really are proud of to work with people.
Uh, and we’ve really had a lot of great, uh, success with people. I thought on that. Yes. Ooh. So, you know, we have the coaching, we have virtual, uh, virtual and in-person breath work. And I tell you, if you haven’t done the breathwork ceremonies, those are amazing and very powerful. So, um, you can check out on our website more about these services as well and the breathwork.
Um, the other thing we have, uh, combo, uh, you might have heard it, is sapo, it’s a frog medicine. Again, you can go to our website and read it more about that. Uh, but it is a great, uh, cleansing medicine, uh, not a psyched. Uh, is legal in the us and so, uh, we like to use that. Uh, there’s a lot of people that you use that for healing and cleansing.
And then number one, uh, integration support services. Uh, all these tools are just tools. It’s about how do you take these awarenesses that you’ve learned using the entheogens, maybe the breathwork, any of those tools, and how do you take those awarenesses and integrate those into your daily? And make long lasting changes, not just to change for a week or for a month, but how do you, how do you integrate these so that you can truly change and transform?
So all our services are wrapped around that and we are so, uh, happy that where we are today with us mm-hmm. , it’s about bringing that love and we all deserve to have love and joy in our life and be able to just flow with life and. Um, we are so happy with what we’re doing today, so if you’re interested in any of our services, um, you can take the, the next steps.
Yeah, which are.
There’s several you, you could take. We’ve, we’ve got a ton of information on our website. Okay? We’ve got video blogs, we’ve got other information about, um, ceremonies, things that we do. So, number one, go, go check us out at our, on our, uh, website. So it is Sacredpillars.church, Sacredpillars.church.
Check us out there. Also, another great way to. Jumping into using entheogens isn’t honestly a, a quick nor light, um, decision to, to make. So we always encourage people to come check us out, like, just come, come meet us. A great way to do that is at one of our monthly events. We have many each, each month that don’t include any kind of entheogen work.
This is just breath work or our integration circle. So those are all on our website, on our events page. Check it out. Come talk to us. So see who these crazy girls are about, like , like, like seriously, like let, let us get to know you and you get to know us. Uh, the other thing is if you feel like you might be ready to take the next step.
that personal assessment that Candy talked about, it’s so critical in understanding where you are in the process. So really you can make a really, really beautiful decision for yourself on, on what that path to take. So if you, if you really think that you’re, you’re ready, kind of take the plunge, Let us help you.
Um, make, make that decision on exactly what path to take. And you can, uh, do that again on our website. It’s the, uh, take the next steps page. Uh, you can sign up for, uh, personal assessment and anything else.
I think we’ve
covered a lot. All right. Uh, we’ve been chatting. Yes. So that’s, that’s that for, uh, for today.
Thank you for watching. Thank you.