Why we’re excited about the Entheogen Retreat Program

Hear from your facilitators about why we’re excited to offer the Entheogen Retreat Program.  The Entheogen Retreat Program is a multi-week group journey to provide comprehensive preparation, a profound entheogen 3-day retreat just south of Oklahoma City, and post-ceremony support to understand and integrate your experience.

To find out more about our upcoming retreat programs, including start dates and how to sign up, visit https://sacredpillars.church/services/entheogen-retreat-program/.



Video Transcript

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hi there this is Tiffany with sacred
pillars and I’m Candi with sacred
pillars and I’m Linda Brown
and we are here to talk to you today a
little bit more about our Entheogen
Retreat program that we are super
excited in the house
so for me I am thrilled with this
program because we are
pulling together much needed
preparation and integration phases uh in
the beginning and then afterwards and
between a three-day Retreat it is
something that Candi and I have been
working through I think for the last few
years of trying to figure out how to
best serve people and to give them more
complete whole process where they can
sink into their healing and
transformation so that is why I am
how about you yeah you know I am so
excited that we finally have this Entheogen Retreat
program to where it is a whole program
you know what we’ve wanted to do is so
people can get the most out of a
Entheogen experience and by doing the
preparation and then coming into a
three-day ceremony and integration it is
a complete healing process that we get
to do together and as a group and
there’s so excitement about doing it as
a group and so I’m really excited about
that and being able to have just a
complete program now that we that we can
well I’m excited because I really really
enjoy watching people go through a
process of contemplating their intention
and participating in a comprehensive
program like this and watching them
progress through that and then watching
them integrate that into their daily
life and seeing how their transformation
enriches and enhances their lives it’s
always beautiful to see lights come on
in people’s hearts minds and eyes and
that’s why I’m excited yeah
well there you have it we’re going to
have lots more videos talking about the
retreat program and the different
components of it but for now
um we would love for you if you are
interested to reach out to us with a
discovery call if we haven’t had one
with you before if you have had a call
with us and you’ve been approved to
participate in ceremony with us you are
more than welcome to go ahead and sign
up for the retreat we’ll leave those
links with this video and stay tuned for
more thank you so much thank you bye