We are Divine.
We are One.
We are Sacred Pillars Church.

Our Non-Denominational Church Mission: Assist like-hearted souls in the awakening and full embodiment of their spiritual potential through preparation, sacred entheogen ceremonies, transformational coaching and ongoing integration support.

Sacred Pillars Church believes we are all one, sacred and divine, interwoven by a mass consciousness and eternally spiritually connected.  We believe that every being is on a spiritual path and embodies Creator, God, Spirit, Universe, etc. (whatever your term).  Our lives are filled with lessons that challenge our soul growth and can lead us to question our own divinity.   We serve to reinforce your divine essence and assist every member’s life journey to spiritual awakening through our church services and events.

Feeling lost?
Looking for relief & lasting change?

Free yourself of stuck conditioning, beliefs and behaviors by opening the doorway to your divine, awakened self.  Discover how through our:

  • Sacred entheogen sacrament ceremonies & retreats
  • Microdose entheogen coaching programs
  • Holistic community events
  • Ongoing integration support

Find out which entheogen path is for you and how to use psychedelics SAFELY and with PROFOUND RESULTS during a Personal Assessment Session.

We Love What We Do!

Here’s why we are so passionate about psychedelics and helping you!

Entheogens, used within a proven, safe framework with professional guidance, WORK! It’s our JOY to witness this process and watch you shine!

Experience safe and life-changing results through our in-depth Entheogen Retreat Program.

A multi-week journey to provide comprehensive preparation, a profound entheogen retreat, and post-ceremony support to understand and integrate your experience.

Curious and considering having an experience with psychedelics?

Entheogens (a.k.a. psychedelics) are not a quick-fix & everyone is at a different jumping-in place.  The SAFEST and most PROFOUND RESULTS come when people take a patient approach to understanding the many nuances and possible routes and then make a decision.  This can only be accomplished when weighing the psychedelic process vs. your personal situation, health, and readiness.

A Personal Assessment Session with a professional psychedelic facilitator and coach will help you learn:

  • about how the entheogen process really works
  • feedback to decide if it’s right for you
  • what to expect during the process of using entheogens
  • how to tailor using entheogens based on your specific situation
  • how to make your experience safe and profound
  • if you are ready for the next steps

Ready to learn more?


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