Still searching for transformation?  Didn’t get it after 1 or maybe even 20 ceremonies?  The issue is likely not the ceremony or sacrament, but rather the integration process of experiences after ceremony.

It’s a common misconception that sacred sacraments are a miracle cure.  Often people expect to go into ceremony 1x and be “healed!”  Although this is possible, in our experience it’s extraordinarily rare.  Spiritual transformation is a journey.  Ceremony is a great first step.  Going deeper and integrating your ceremony experiences into your daily life is ESSENTIAL to create lasting results!

So what is integration?

Integration is the process by which you take what you learned in ceremony and make life-transformative changes outside of ceremony.  People that get the most out of their ceremony experiences often commit to these integrative steps:

    • Develop new healthy habits
    • Cultivate supportive, loving relationships
    • Establish a peaceful home environment
    • Get quiet and take time and space (just for you… because that’s where all your answers are!)
    • Self-reflection and inner work to continue releasing old, destructive behaviors and false beliefs
    • Find what makes the heart sing and do it!

So how do you get there?  Well, integration is a very personal process.  Only you are going to know specifically what integrative steps are best for you.  The most successful healing we see is by those that establish goals and manageable steps, remove obstacles, take action with their hearts, consciously rewrite the stories we tell ourselves about what we can and cannot do, and have a strong supportive community to help navigate this entire process.

How available is like-hearted, loving support to you after ceremony, when you’re likely faced with making life changes, feeling stuck, scared, etc.?


Sacred Pillars Church offers ongoing post-ceremony support to all our church members… for both those that have participated in Sacred Pillars Church ceremonies or any other sacred sacrament experience.  We host regular integration gatherings, both in person and online.  Benefits can include:

  • Support, building community, finding your people
  • Non-judgmental listening, communicating, and understanding
  • Making sense of powerful ceremony experiences
  • Taking the insights learned and putting them into practice
  • Making decisions to continue working with the medicine

Again, we cannot express how ESSENTIAL integration is to your healing journey.  Don’t get stuck… let our community help you!


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