Retreat Program: Candi on why integration is so important!

Integration is where life long changes can happen. The integration phase is the most misunderstood or missed step in the entheogen journey. Watch why Candi feels this is the most important step.

Our Entheogen Retreat Program includes a 5-week post-ceremony integration phase.  This multi-week journey also provides a comprehensive 5-week preparation phase and a profound 3-day entheogen retreat in the Central United States.

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Video Transcript

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hi I’m Candi with sacred pillars church
and I’m excited to be here today to talk
to you about what I feel is the most
important step in working with
entheogens which is the integration phase
and why I feel this is so important is
really I feel that this the integration
phase takes a entheogen experience taking it
from an experience into a lifelong
change making a transformation in
someone’s life and that’s what I’m so excited that we
have added this phase to our Retreat
programs and to our ceremonies you know
over the years
working with people uh myself working
with plant medicine I have learned that
it is where the integration is where the
change takes place it’s when it happens it’s it’s beautiful
and it can take someone’s life and those things
that we have been working on for our
lives that have maybe shown up and kept
us from bringing our true divine self
and have kept us maybe from the
happiness the true happiness and joy
that we’ve wanted the integration phase is where
that can change  I’ve experienced it myself you know
going through working with in a
specific specifically with psilocybin
and what and that’s what we work with
with people is when someone
goes through and works with the medicine
and then works on uh taking those
experiences that they have
within those ceremonies the medicine can
show us what we need
to work on or show us uh the direction
for our lives and you know we can have that wonderful
experience and we can come out of that
experience and maybe four or a week a
month six months a year
feel like those things have changed and
then we find ourselves back into the
same habits and the same thought
and we’re back to we feel like we’re
back where we were
so what what makes the difference I feel
it’s integration and I I’ve experienced in my own life
when I truly work on
how do you integrate those changes and
it is something that is very difficult
to do it alone you know our egos tell us oh I can just
go and I’ve got this I understand it
and we go and we kind of do the same
thing it’s it’s I relate it to like a child
learning to walk you don’t just get up
and start running you learn to get on all fours push up
grab something help and you take the
first step and then you get help to take
those other steps and then all of a
sudden you’re walking that is integration
we learn these we get new awarenesses
and then we’ve got to take steps to help
change our thought process how we think
about things and how do we integrate
that into our daily lives how do we take
that first step and what I have found is it is
surrounding ourselves with like-minded
people that we can reach out to and they
can help our egos got us there if we if we could
have changed those things within us
uh before we would have
and so we still have the same mind now
how do we how do we look at changing the
way that we think about those things and
doing something different
doing something different and that’s
what the integration phase is and that’s
why I’m so excited because I’ve seen it
work I’ve seen it work with the the
people the church works with who I’ve
worked with I’ve seen it the changes in
my own life and it’s beautiful when it
happens and so I’m so excited to be able
to bring this through the church our
integration phase we’ve got these
beautiful Retreat programs now with five
weeks of preparation we can Retreat and
then five weeks of integration
the reason we’ve done this is we really
want to work with people that really
want to lean in and do the work and make
changes in their lives and I’m so
excited to be a part of that if this is
something that sounds good to you please
reach out you can go to our website and
read about the Retreats and if you’ve
had a discovery call with us within the
last six months and have been approved
for Ceremony you can go ahead and sign
up for the retreat if you haven’t we’d
love to talk to you and see if you’re a
fit and have just a lovely day
thank you