Candi’s journey from a Technology business owner to a Psychedelic Coach

Learn more about Candi’s transition over 25 years in the technology industry to being a co-founder of Sacred Pillars Church and working with psychedelics.  If you are curious to understand better if microdosing psilocybin is for you, schedule a call with us at: . or learn more about microdose coaching at


Video Transcript

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hi I’m candi with sacred pillars Church
people often ask me it’s like how did
you go from being a techie having your own web
design development company in the
technology industry to having sacred pillars church where
you work with psychedelic coaching and community and
helping people to find their own
itself it’s like how did you transition
and I would tell you it’s been a journey uh
it has not come overnight
my journey my my own transition my own
healing Journey started uh back
you know 30 years ago
you know I was always reaching for the
outside for something to feel the inside
within me you know I grew up being a
very successful athlete I had a
successful business pretty much
successful in everything that I put my
mind to but I will tell you inside I never felt
successful I didn’t feel like I was good
enough I always questioned that there
was always pressure to do more do we
want to do more and never celebrate
myself or the successes I had
and you know that drove me to drink which
drove me to um you know for me I was an alcoholic my
my journey started really getting into
recovery and 12-step programs and that
really started my my transformation my
spiritual journey and it’s been one over
the years that I’ve tried you know
traditional means of of healing of
therapy um all different types of modalities
and what I can tell you
that I plateaued at a point and
I’ve met people that were doing some
plant medicine and I saw this transformation this shift
they looked happy there was something
there that’s very attracted to
and it was not a decision that I took
lightly that I ended up using plant medicine for myself
and I will tell you you know there was
very a lot of uncomfortable moments uh
because it’s uncomfortable when you have
to go inside uh for most of my life I
look from the outside for things to make
me happy and it wasn’t I was not a happy
person but the inside I really wasn’t
and psilobcybin helps bring up these
awarenesses it it allows you to go
inside and it will show you those things where
you need to change and it can be very
uncomfortable to do that and so I went
through a lot of uncomfortable moments
I’ve been through that change I have
worked with this medicine and I will
tell you today I am happy inside
and I do know that I’m successful how my
transition happened is why I’m doing the
work I do today it is from a heart space
I’m very passionate about it and I love
giving back  trying to maybe make someone’s
Journey a little bit gentler than mine
was because I’ve been there and I work with
people that are Executives or business owners
or in the corporate world
and I went uh for myself I went and
furthered and got a psychedelic coaching
certificate from a third wave so that I
could work with people
and know how to take
what we learn in the plant medicine not
only in our own life when we come from a
place from our passion and self-love we
can take that to the corporate world
in when we’re in a space
we can work better with our colleagues
we can Empower them we can come from a
place of instead of coexisting
we can co-elevate which means we can
help each other
raise up and we can be very creative in
our workplaces as well as it carries
over to our relationships in every area
of our life
so yes I’m very passionate about what I
do I love the the growth and the the
spirituality the self-love
not having all that mind chatter you
know when you can clear your mind
income from a different space
when you don’t have all those thoughts
you’re so much more aware of what
your body what you want and when you can
get there it is such a peaceful Serene
I would love to say that I’m there every
day all day I am not I still have my
uncomfortable moments and is still am
learning but I will tell you that if I
you know my work relationships I still
am in the tech industry I still want
contract but my relationships with my
co-workers have changed
and I don’t worry as much about what
everyone else is doing I can focus on
what I’m doing and enjoy the work I do
and allow everyone else to do their job
and what I have found is when that
the job goes so much better and is so
much more creative and there’s so much
more input
so if you’d like to find out more
about plant medicine working with
psilocybin you know we work with people
you can reach out go to our website fill
out a personal assessment
form if you’d like and we can work with
you to see if you’re fit to work with
the medicine and how the best way for
you to have a safe profound and
transformational experience
thank you