Retreat Program: Candi’s thoughts on the importance of preparation

Listen to Candi’s thoughts on the importance of preparing before participating in an entheogen ceremony and why Sacred Pillars has created an in-depth Entheogen Retreat Program.

The Entheogen Retreat Program is a multi-week journey to provide comprehensive preparation, a profound 3-day entheogen retreat in the Central United States, and post-ceremony support to understand and integrate your experience.

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Video Transcript

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hi I’m Candi with sacred pillars church
and I’m here today to talk about
the importance of preparing before participating in an entheogen ceremony and
why Sacred Pillars has created an in-depth Entheogen Retreat Program.
so you know we’ve worked with people
over the years and we haven’t always had
a preparation program but what we have
found working through a coaching program
and really working with people and then
going into a entheogen ceremony with them that the more that
someone is prepared and the more they
receive through that ceremony so it’s
like what  do we mean by preparation
well you know we’re all going and
wanting to go into ceremony most of us
to really make a difference in our life
maybe we have  things that we
want to uncover or discover about
ourselves maybe our purpose maybe
there’s things that throughout our life
that we have been stuck and we can’t
seem to move past so we’re going into
these entheogen ceremonies with a purpose
and the more that you can prepare up front
the more that you can get out of the the
ceremony and then afterwards it’s like
how do you integrate those into into
your daily life so for the preparation
it’s really about uh not just even
preparing for the ceremony but it’s
really for everyday lives  so used to about
maybe trying to get rid of things I used
to do it myself it’s like I want to get
rid of this I don’t like this about
myself and what I have found in my own
healing and recovery and what we have
found through working through the
churches when we can shift that
perspective about receiving how do I
receive these things about me
and be able to receive that and hold
that in a container of love and
compassion and understanding
it leads opens up space for healing to
take place because all of us are absolutely
beautiful and wonderful right where we
are today and sometimes that’s hard to hard to
take even myself every day I am not like
I am in this loving place and with
everything about myself but
I’ve learned how to breathe and bring those things in
in with non-judgment and acceptance and
so through the preparation phase we work
with work with you to
start working on receiving and accepting
these things in a container of love and
acceptance acceptance and teach if you
want to start resisting that how do you
lean into it and so we do that as a
group uh for this upcoming ceremony a
three-day Retreat that we have and we’re
so excited about that because there’s a
lot of healing uh and connectedness
within a group it’s so you know we put
this program together uh very excited
about it uh you know it’s a gift it’s a
gift to yourself you’re investing in
yourself and you’re going to go in the entheogen ceremony
and we want people to get the absolute
most out of it that they can and by
 being prepared for that and to
receive the medicine is
you can have these life-changing
experiences so we’re excited to be able
to offer that and be able to have this
entheogen group ceremony coming up in March.  We look
forward to it
thank you