Retreat Program: 3-Day Retreat Highlights

Tune in to hear about the 3-Day Retreat, the 2nd phase of our Entheogen Retreat Program. Tiffany talks about what to expect during this weekend, which includes a psilocybin ceremony in the central United States.

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Video Transcript

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hey there it’s Tiffany with sacred
pillars and I’m back talking to you more
about our in Theo gym Retreat program
and specifically within the program
itself the three day retreat
so if you have no idea what the
Entheogen retreat program is I invite
you to take a step back and first watch
our overview video so you have an idea
of what we’re talking about here but one
of the components within the program is
our three day Retreat so this video is
to jump into that and talk more about it
so you can have a feel for what you
might expect
so first and foremost The Retreat is
located in central Oklahoma uh just
Southwest about 20 minutes Southwest of
Oklahoma City it’s also pretty close to
the airport about 15 minutes or so away
from the airport so out of town guests
have a short drive there it’s on 65
beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful
secluded private Acres this this land that we hold these
ceremonies on is so sacred so ceremonies have been performed
of all kinds out on this property for
about the last 30 years so this this
property is just baked in with so much
goodness to support this type of
transformational work okay
so  that’s a little bit about the the
property itself so how about
what we’re going to be doing so
you’re going to get there on a Friday
late afternoon early evening you’re gonna be with us
until that whole time until Sunday
afternoon and we have many
different activities planned plus
ceremonies so of course the one thing
that you’re probably the most interested
in is the is the psilocybin
ceremony that we do so that is
absolutely included in that but what we
find is that is just folks it’s just not
about coming for a psilocybin ceremony
if it was just about that we felt like
you could get what you need just from
that we honestly would not be doing a
10-week program and a three-day Retreat
like it just
we’d be making it much simpler for
yourself for yourselves and for us quite
frankly too but but what we’ve learned
over the years is that that is just
frankly not enough you need more
supporting activities so the psilocybin
ceremony will be included in that but
with that too we will also offer a
breath work ceremony we will do a sweat
lodge ceremony we will do probably some different
meditative type activities as well we’ll do a foot bath
we’ll do a flower bath and then we have
integration sharing in there as well
so lots of supporting activities but
also I want to let you know that there’s
downtime and rest time that we also give
you  these weekends can be taxing
energetically so we we want to give you
space that you can rest relax
um connect with the group
um take time to connect back within
yourself go around the property the property also
has some beautiful prayer circles so
there’s there’s you there’s lots of things to do to to
self-care and nourish nourish yourself
 I can’t tell you exactly what day
we’re doing what just because there’s
things ebb and flow with the weather and
this and the schedule sometimes we get
nudged to do this sometimes we get
nudged to do that so everything that I
just mentioned doesn’t necessarily mean
that everything is going to be uh that
we’re going to do all those things will
absolutely do the psilocybin ceremony
but um sometimes we get
an ebb and flow which with things that
we get nudged to do a little differently
but that’s typically um those are typically the activities
that might be included in there so let’s
talk about a little bit about uh meals
and accommodation sleeping so
um all meals except one it will be
provided for you we asked that during
for the the sweat lodge ceremony evening
that we share in a communal meal
together and we feel that that is really
really important to kind of bring a part
of you and togetherness with with
everyone else and just kind of share in
that meal where where people have
brought their love uh together in it so
you’re just one meal like that that we
ask you to bring um all the other meals will be provided
they’re either vegetarian or vegan if
you have um special  requirements if you have
allergies just talk to us about it we
can usually um accommodate that sleeping
um arrangements so we we don’t have
specific sleeping quarters that people
go off to what we do is we we have our
ceremony space where we do our
ceremonies inside and that is where
um we we also sleep so that’s a maybe a
little bit different than maybe a
retreat you might go to and some
somewhere else but what we have found
that that’s actually more of a
traditional style of again the community and the group
support and it’s actually quite amazing
how people can enrich and enhance their
experience with one another when they’re
not going off hiding somewhere and
secluding themselves so it’s communal
sleeping Arrangements uh it’s um it’s
it’s all in the same space we’re asked
people to bring their mats and their
pillows and their blankets for this for
the ceremonies as well as for for
sleeping so just know that you would be
expected to bring that for our out of
town guests if the meal’s a problem obviously we’re
bringing all that with you as a problem
because you’re flying don’t discount
yourself from coming just go ahead and
talk to us about that and we can make
some accommodations for you with that
um what what else um
you can expect the unexpected that’s
that’s the key thing that I want you to
remember with this too everybody thinks
that they might be coming in and they
have an expectation of what everything’s
going to look like and what the result’s
going to be bottom line is go ahead and
come in with an open heart coming with
an open mind expect the unexpected and when you do
that you really open yourself up to
receiving and allowing and bountiful
limit Limitless abundant ways okay
so that’s about it for the three day
Retreat there’s so much more there to
share but that’s that’s probably a good
enough overview for for right now
um if you are interested in attending
our Entheogen Retreat program uh use
the links to sign up for Discovery call
uh if you’re ready to sign up if you’ve
already done that with us you’re ready
to sign up you can use the link for that
as well and I just want to remind you
too we have lots of other services too
that we do we not only do psilocybin
retreats in the central United States in
Oklahoma but we also do micro dose
coaching which involves utilizing
psilocybin in a much smaller dose we
help people with that we also do
complete psychedelic integration
Services too where say you’ve gone to
um somewhere else to do a retreat and
you need extra help coming coming back
we do we do services such as that too so
anyway thank you for for joining and
we’ll have many more videos to come on
our program and other things so um
thanks for watching