Retreat Program: Benefits of Participating in a Group

Tune in to listen to Candi talk about the benefits of participating in a group program. Our  Retreat Program is an 11-week group program that includes a 3-Day Psilocybin Retreat in the Central United States. Participating in a Group Retreat Program can help accelerate your spiritual journey and transformation by the group dynamic and provide ongoing connection, integration support and life long friendships.

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Video Transcript

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hi this is Candi again with Sacred
Pillars Church and I am here  on this
nice warm day in Oklahoma City Oklahoma
where our church and our 11-week program
ceremonies take place not in this
exact location but in Oklahoma.
Today I’m here to talk about the
advantages of a group ceremony.
so what are the advantages of a group
ceremony versus a private ceremony.
Personally my favorite to attend and to
hold space for are group ceremonies
although there are advantages to a
private ceremony when someone’s really
wanting to go deep and really work on
something specifically there’s times
that a private ceremony might be more
beneficial for that so
so yeah so today talk about groups for
me what are the advantages of that why
why do we do group ceremonies personally
uh I believe that it is very hard to
heal alone we are we started from a
tribe uh and I feel like we heal within
a tribe and around people that it’s real
it’s empowering and beneficial to be
around other like-minded people and know
that you are not alone
in things that we go through most people
feel the same way that is the one thing
that I have learned is
being part of a group anytime if I’m
going through something whether it’s
you know a feeling of Shame of not being
worthy of not being loved uh
of wanting control or addictions it’s so
empowering when you’re with a group and
you hear other people talking about the
same struggles they have in life because
we all have them and so when you hear
someone else have a similar struggle
it’s you don’t feel so unique you don’t
feel alone and there’s something about
it it’s like oh okay other people are
feeling that
and listen to them share and then also
you get to hear a lot of the solution as
well what are other people doing to get
past uncomfortability.
Why do we like doing group
ceremonies well . I will talk
about our 11-week Retreat program the
one thing that we have really found is
we used to do more private ceremonies
now we put this Retreat program together
which is 11-week program and it’s all
based on a group ceremony we do have the
private ceremony as well which is 11 –
week program as well.  Today we really we focus on the group
ceremonies because we feel like so much
more healing and transformation can
happen within that group setting
and the reason we’ve put 11 week Program together.   e
five-week preparation which we have
other videos on that is one of the
things that’s really empowering.  In those five weeks of preparation
you’re going through as a group
so for this for a retreat program you
actually get to know the people
 prior to even going into a weekend
and again it’s all about
sharing how to receive talking about
real life things and hearing other
people share about that their
vulnerabilities their Solutions.
What happens in a group
has done this several or several times
and every group ceremony we hold is
different. People come together that need to come together
for their own highest healing purpose
so when these people come together in a
group you’re coming together with a
group of people that have similar
intentions or the healing.   We
not just healing ourselves we’re healing those
around us our family our ancestors so it
is all part of the group.
The people in the group come together the
energies come together which are
something very very beautiful about it
every time
so if you’re in a group ceremony and you
know one of the fears a lot of people
have a fear of showing up for a group I
don’t know these people I don’t want to
share well that’s empowering when you
step into that environment that’s one
way you just empowered yourself to step
through a fear
now the other is in a group someone
maybe expressing emotions they may be
crying they may be laughing
and it gives you permission
to do the same because we all want to
hide those emotions but when they come
out in a group there’s a permission to
allow that to happen and you’re not
alone and there’s such a healing
transformation that happens with that
and the love that you get and the
support when you go through a ceremony
and a group you’re a lifelong friends
there’s a lifelong connection that
happens that you don’t get anyplace else
so just the transformation and the
healing and the bonding and the
friendships the love the support that
happens in a group there’s nothing
better that I like to witness than that
and as a church we have found this group
interaction is in most healing
That’s why we do group ceremonies and
that’s why we put together this 11-week
psilocybin Retreat program here in
We have seen bringing a group
together in this environment  provides the most healing and
transformation that we feel is possible
when working with entheogens and working
in as a group
so if you have any questions feel free
to reach out to us.  You can fill out
our contact form at
you can find more about our 11- week
entheogen retreat program on our website at  and
again if you have any questions just
fill out the contact form and reach out
and thank you for this time today