Retreat Program: The Integration Phase

We’re talking more about our Entheogen Retreat Program and its last phase, Integration. It’s a 5-week virtual experience, helping weave together the lessons from the retreat into your day to day life for lasting, profound results.

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Video Transcript

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hey there everybody it’s Tiffany again
with sacred pillars and I’m back to talk
to you again about our Retreat
program and specifically the third
component the last component which is
the integration phase so again
if you have no idea what I’m talking
about with what the Entheogen retreat
program is go back a couple of videos
and watch the overview
and then come back in and join us to
learn more about what what is the
integration and phase and why is it so
important so up to this point you’ve
gone through the preparation four to
five weeks of preparation you’ve gone
through the three-day Retreat and now
we’re at that phase of
oh what what’s happened
um and here’s here’s the thing with that
it’s people want to know what what to
expect people want to know so badly of what
what the what the experience the actual
ceremony experience is going to be like
and then what they’re what their
integration needs to be like
and I can tell you the best thing you
can do for yourself is just be prepared
to expect the unexpected so the
integration phase
can be very very fluid and people aren’t
comfortable with that because this is
going to be about excuse me you
honing into what your nourishing and nurturing needs
are for yourself so we will create a
framework for you to help get you started but what you’re
specifically going to need is going to
be different based on honestly what
you’re going through in that exact
moment so what we’re going to serve up for you
is five weeks of group Zoom support it will
be the same day each week and in during
an evening and it’ll be an hour call
um that that we have uh with with the
group it’s the same group that we did
the retreat with and you did your
preparation with so you’re you’re
working with the same support throughout
the entire Entheogen program
and what we’re doing is we are really
helping you with putting together
ceremony takeaways what was in what was
important what’s really
helpful to to understand and dig into a
little bit deeper we give you an
integration framework
 everybody’s different with how they
integrate their experience like what’s
what’s going to touch you and how you’re
going to best resonate with digging into
yourself so we provide you with an
integration framework we then start to
look at authenticity and how well you’re
aligning now post ceremony post retreat
with what you thought that you were
showing up for and who you thought you
were so we’re going to take and revisit
 the vision for ourselves understand
what we take a look at and understand
what we value and are those things still
in alignment and what might need to
shift or change in your life for you to really step
in and on the path that is going to
bring you awareness and happiness and
fulfillment and joy and peace and Grace
and ease and I’m not talking
about living on a Cloud Nine forever you
might come off your retreat experience and
feel kind of lifted and lighter and
that’s kind of like a ceremony Cloud
Nine High
afterwards and I’ll tell you when we get
back into our human day-to-day stuff we
we go back into the same life in the
same circumstances and situations that
we had before ceremony we can fall into the
same patterning and actually we might feel
even more stuck because we’ve had a
deeper glimpse into who we are and how
we want to change and what we want to do
in our lives but now we’re feeling stuck
again because we don’t know how to do
that so integration is really about sinking
into the truth of who you are and what
you learned about yourself
and honestly how we can help you get
there and that’s really what our goal is
our goal is through that that group
through support for those five weeks as
well as you will also get um a private
one-on-one session with candy or I
um you that’s what we’re going to help
you with so the big thing when we’re
complete with the Entheogen program is that we are
here to try to help you
get on your path stay on your path
support you on your path and  I will
tell you it’s going to take it would it
will continue to take more investment
into yourself
even after the Entheogen program just because you
participated in something for 10 weeks
does it mean you’re healed you’re
transformed everything’s done there’s
layer after layer after layer and it
will continue to come up as you continue
to invest in yourself and want to know
the truth of who you are okay so
and then after that we can we can also
provide more support to you through our
other Church events we have other
integration opportunities
through group support virtual
as well as in person so there’s always
more ongoing support
because people need it  however that’s where the program
itself and it will end at the FI that
end of that five weeks but we’re always
here to support you
so we do psychedelic support of all
kinds of integrated support of all kinds
even if  you didn’t do a ceremony with us we
we can help provide you with that we
also have other services too just to
keep in mind
if a macrodose ceremony for you if the
Entheogen retreat program sounds like
it’s a bit too much like you’re not
ready for that deep dive we do a
psychedelic coaching and microdose
coaching with psilocybin
for people so those are just other things that
we we can also help with and support
with so if you are ready to
 take the next step with the in Entheogen Retreat program I encourage you to
 in the comment section use the link
to sign up for a discovery call if
you’ve already done that
you’ve been okay to participate in
ceremony The Next Step would be to sign
up for the program itself and the
link is is on there for for that as well
so  thank you so much for watching and
we’re gonna have more videos on the
retreat program so thanks for joining
and take care