Retreat Program: What is it & what’s included?

Candi and Tiffany highlight the Entheogen Retreat Program. It’s an immersive, multi-month experience that not only includes a safe, sacred 3-Day psilocybin retreat in the central United States, but also prepares you for your psychedelic journey and supports your integration process afterward.

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Video Transcript

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hey everybody this is Tiffany with the
sacred pillars and hi I’m candy Boyer
and we are here to talk to you today
about our entheogen Retreat program so
what what in the heck is all that and
what again what is this word in entheogen
that we use and nobody knows how to
spell it how to pronounce it or what it
means and why why were we even using it
if it’s all those things so anyway real
quickly and in entheogen is
um a psychedelic a plant medicine in
particularly we use psilocybin mushrooms
all used in a very sacred way very
spiritual way to bring about healing and
transformation that’s how we consider
that word and and it’s a beautiful word
we love the word it means finding the
divine within it’s a Greek word for for
literally finding the God within you so
we love to use it that’s why we use it
so that’s a quick lesson right there
um so so what is our in entheogen Retreat
program well in the past we used to do
what we call entheogen ceremonies or
mushroom ceremonies psilocybin
ceremonies and that was more of a
one-time event that’s all beautiful
however what we’ve realized over the
years is that
people don’t get the results that
they’re looking for if they’re just
going in expecting a one-time event to
heal them transform them get them into
right thinking unstick them get them out
of depressive State
calm anxiety all those things it just
folks it just does not work that way I
promise you we’re so conditioned and
programmed to think
logically and linearly that I’m gonna go
do a plus b and it’s going to equal C
and that’s how we think so often about
psilocybin ceremonies, psychedelic Retreats, Ayahuasca Retreats
when you go to South America to do it
I’m gonna go do this one thing and it’s
going to heal me
doesn’t work
does not work that way they can help but
if you are really really really looking
for lasting
long-term lifelong results that is
really going to change you at the core
really honestly we just kind of uncover
who we are we’ve just got all kinds of layers
and muck on top of it a lot of times so
if you’re really wanting to do that
you’ve got to take a deeper dive and
that’s what we’ve realized over the
years so the enthusion retreat program
is really three components
to to bring about that experience that
we really think people that want that
are looking for that lifelong
transformation in in change so it’s
three components there’s
um we so instead of doing a one day
ceremony we do a three-day Retreat and
that’s a psilocybin retreat
plus other additional ceremonies and
activities within that three days so
it’s it’s not just a one one day it’s a
three day but but the beautiful thing
that we do before that
very first component so we have a
preparation phase a four to five week
preparation pay phase where we are
meeting on Zoom virtually together to
prepare all this collectively as well as
individually for that Retreat and then
after the retreat we do again a four to
five week
integration phase as a group together
virtually to uh to con to continue to
allow that experience to unfold and
unravel and present itself that’s flat
out just how we see people needing
support so we created an entire program
around it
um the the program size is relatively
small we believe that
having a bunch of people doing this all
together isn’t the nut the best way that
we can help people so we keep our group
limited to about
um 12 participants per program
um we hold two to three in
theogenometric programs for uh per year
and we have people participate from all
over the United States and we we love
that we’re located smack Babbitt in the
middle of the United States and Oklahoma
so it’s a it’s a great location for
people to reach us from from all over
the place so
um that’s that’s the overview of those
three components we’re going to have
many more videos to come to actually
break down those components a little bit
more to tell you specifically
what they involve in the entheogen
retreat program and then just one last
thing with that each phase is required
you are required
to participate in preparation as well as
integration if you want to do the
three-day retreat with us okay
okay and Candy what else do you have to
say so that was that was a lot uh down
covers a lot of the program again we’ll
have more videos to talk about each of
the phases in particular so what are the
next steps if you’re interested in
finding out more you think this might be
fit for you well
um we have a discovery call so the next
step would be discover schedule your
discover call with us and on that call
we’ll find out if you’re you know a fit
for the program and then you can sign up
so there’s an intake form that you fill
out one thing that’s real important to
us is safety safety for yourself safety
for others so that’s why we do our
Discovery call so interested take that
next step schedule a call and we would
love to talk with you
we have other services as well if you’re
interested we don’t only hold our Silva
Simon retreats in the United States but
we guide people with microdosing
in psilocybin we do psychedelic
integration and we do psychedelic
coaching and even if you’ve had
um experience medicine Journeys with
other people you’ve been to Peru Costa
we can help you with the integration as
well we work with a lot of people so
again if you’re interested in Services
check out our website at
and you can find out how
to contact us and read more about our
services thank you thanks everybody