If I start using psilocybin will I have to use it the rest of my life?

In our experience working with people we see that when they properly prepare and have structured support they have significant positive changes in their life and no longer need to keep using psilocybin. We can help you better understand if using psilocybin may be a path for you by scheduling a Personal Assessment call at: https://SacredPillarsChurch.as.me/BookPersonalAssessment ,  or learn more about microdose coaching at https://sacredpillars.church/services/microdose-coaching/


Video Transcript

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hi I’m candi with sacred pillars church
and I’m here to answer another question
I get asked a lot which is if I start
taking psilocybin well I have to take
that the rest of my life
and the answer is no you don’t
actually the goal is to not have to take
anything eventually  psilocybin is a tool to help bring
awarenesses to the root causes that we have that
keep us from our true self of being that
happy joyous person in finding our
purpose in life and what the psilocybin does is this shows
us those root causes so that then we can
heal them and when we heal those things
then we no longer have to use tpsilocybin
you know we’re so used to I think it’s
humans it’s like oh I’m sick or you know
here’s antidepressant here’s anxiety
medicine and we take those things and
then we cannot our we go through withdraws
getting off of them psilocybin is not
like that I’m not a medical doctor or
licensed therapist but there’s lots of
research that you can go out there and
see that psilocybin is not physically
addictive  actually the protocols we use
people really they only take it twice a
week and they may take it for five weeks
and then take two weeks off and
eventually you find your own protocol
and you don’t have to keep taking the
medicine you know once we’re able to
heal those things within and we find that we
have everything inside that we already
need we don’t need medicine or things
from the outside to help us but a lot of us don’t even have those
awarenesses of what’s causing the
underlying uh the root cause and that’s
what psilocybin  is is a tool to help
us find that and see that and when we
have the awareness then we’re able to do something
different and we’ve worked with a lot of people
when they’ve had the proper preparation
and support to go to work through those root causes
and work with psilocybin they no
longer need the medicine
so if you’re interested in finding out
more reach out to us we do a personal
assessment call to see if where your
Readiness is where you might be able to
fit to work with psilocybin so reach
out to us and schedule a personal
assessment call
thank you