Is psilocybin safe?

Generally speaking, YES… psilocybin mushrooms are safe, however there are several considerations to keep in mind when using them for reprieve from depression, anxiety, etc. We can help you decide if it’s a safe path by booking a personal assessment at: or learn more at


Video Transcript

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hi I’m candy with sacred pillars church
and I am here with Tiffany today
to answer another question that comes up
quite often and that is Tiffany is
psilocybin safe to use and that is a
fantastic question now I think that
there are a couple of different ways to
look at this question so we’re going to
address it from those perspectives
so number one
is psilocybin safe from a physical
perspective okay
overall psilocybin is extraordinarily
safe from a from a toxicity standpoint
like so if you take too much are you
going to overdose are you going to wind
up in the hospital
that really doesn’t happen
and this is well
known so
unfortunately psilocybin is lumped into
the recreational drugs category uh and
if you go out to the drug policy
Alliance website you can you’ll find a
chart that lists every single
recreational drug
and it’s toxicity you know it’s
harmfulness at the dead last the very
last on that chart is psilocybin for
harm potential okay so so no so know
that the other thing with that to consider is
you know is psilocybin addictive if I use
it once am I going to be addicted to
using it more and more and more and more
I must say no um so when you when you’re using
psilocybin um people could have what they call bad trips we don’t like that term that
you can have a challenge we think that
there are a ton of different ways to
head that off through through proper
preparation and understanding your
readiness to use psilocybin
um but the the bottom line there is it’s
it’s quite the opposite like you
nobody’s going into it to because they have
an addiction to it because they have a
craving to it they’re doing it for
transformational purposes and when that
comes up it’s actually few and far
between using it because there’s
something called integration that needs
to happen to process those psilocybin experiences
non-toxic non-addictive you do want to be careful
for certain health conditions I’m not
gonna and medications I’m not going to
go into what those are on this video but
just know that they are out there there
are some counterindications but I’ll
tell you  psilocybin has probably the fewest
counterindications of all entheogens
that that I know about so Candy’s going
to talk a little bit more about the other part is just being aware of
your set and setting and dosage that is
where you’ll hear some people
maybe putting themselves in more harm so
you want to be very careful about that
being in a safe environment the dosage
that you take and that is something that
we do work with people with uh you know
if you’re interested in working with
psilocybin we work with you at a personal
assessment to really determine your
Readiness looking at what dose  what
type of service set and setting is going
to be best for you whether that’s a
private psilocybin ceremony coaching and we have
all these things up on our website too
you can read about our different
services at and if you feel
like you’re ready to start working with psilocybin then
reach out to us take the next step
and schedule a personal assessment call
and we would love to work with you
thank you for watching this today thank