Candi’s macrodosing psilocybin experiences

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Video Transcript

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hi I’m candi with sacred pillars church
and a lot of people ask me what is my
experience been like with microdosing
psilocybin and I would tell you I have
had some profound shifts just with
microdosing psilocybin
you know we hear a lot about how there’s
been  these transformational
changes with macrodosing psilocybin that
microdosing has so many benefits and you
can have just as many profound
changes in your life with microdosing psilocybin
and you know with microdosing it is
just a very small amount that there is
no psychedelic effect psilocybin itself it targets
your default mode Network which quiets
down those ruminating thoughts that we
have so we have that mind shatter and so
in microdosing it helps quiet down those
thoughts so that you can get more in
touch with what’s going on inside or
have awareness of what’s going around
you and when you have awarenesses and you
can see some subtle ways you interact
um with other people and relationships
with your thought patterns
it allows you to start making changes
and the beautiful thing about psilocybin is it can quiet down
the default mode Network and quiet down
your mind shatter it also creates new
neural pathways so that when you’re
aware of what your thoughts are and you
can start creating new thoughts you can
start creating that new story those in
those new neural Pathways so it’s a
beautiful medicine for myself
you know it’s important to go in with
so I always go in with intention when using psilocybin
for me it really helps my flow State and
what I mean by that is it quiets down my
mind shatter so then I can focus on what
I’m my intention is
so if my mind’s quiet
and I’m wanting to get in touch maybe
maybe I’m having struggles with
say work or situations or relationships
I can go in with intention and with that
and ask the psilocybin to show me
the other thing that really helps me
with is because I can be kind of like a
pigeon and go from one thing to another
it quiets that down and creatively for
me it really helps me I struggle with
writing and if I have a project that I
need to write some papers on I can
microdose psilocybin with the intention of going
into a project and for creativity and it
works really really well for that
the other thing is just like I said it’s
very subtle it can help with I’ve worked
with a lot of people
that is helped with their anxiety
it has helped with depression and it
doesn’t eliminate these things but what
it does in microdosing psilocybin can help get to
the bottom of what’s causing that
depression what’s causing that anxiety
it can help give New Perspectives of
what is underneath that so that we can
change those things within us that are
creating us to look on the outside
and we can make those changes that you
have to go in with intention and be
mindful and pay attention
for me when I microdose psilocybin I
Journal I write I’m very mindful about
what I go in with my intentions and my
awarenesses and when I do that I usually
have really good results with it and for
me it’s made a huge difference in my
life in my relationships and the
quieting of my mind my creativity and
overall my relationships
so if you’re interested in finding out
more about microdosing psilocybin or microdose
coaching check out our website at
and thank you for your time