What type of person is a good fit for our entheogen retreats?

Find out about the characteristics of folks that we find are the best fit for our entheogen retreats because they get amazing benefits, such as clarity of path, activation to step onto life’s path with full excitement and joy and freedom!

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Video Transcript

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hi it’s Tiffany with sacred pillars I
want to talk to you a little bit about
who I think our Retreats are for
so we’ve taken a shift within the last
especially a year or so where
when we use plant medicines or in
entheogens a lot of times people are going in and
doing deeper work we might call
that shadow work and it’s not to say
that that’s still not there and still to
be worked on but that’s where our main
main focus was we saw a lot of that work
going on maybe going into to traumas going really
deep limiting stuck beliefs
really really deep work that was
often very challenging quite
honestly and where we’ve seen a shift
happening for people is that
again it’s not to say that all that
work is done but there’s so many layers that happen
with coming into our true self
is that this next layer that we’re
finding is that often people have gone
in and done a lot of this deeper work
but still haven’t quite kind of made
that shift over to fully
embodying more of their true nature
fully Maybe embodying
the path their path that they want to be
taking in life to be fully in their true nature
okay so I call that being in Integrity
of what are my thoughts what am I saying
that I want to do what is my heart
telling me what I do what do I feel what
do I feel like I want to be doing or
feel like I want to be
and then am I taking action
to allow that to to happen
that’s really what we’re finding
is a little harder said
easier said than done okay
so what we’re trying to help people do
is work on that layer of stepping
into their true nature their true
empowerment by allowing ourselves to be who we are
and what we see happen is is that
even though we’ve worked on the Deep
layers we still don’t know how to maybe
be okay or be present
and allow ourselves to be in full flow
and full Freedom with ourselves so
that’s how we’ve we’ve designed our our
Retreats today
to take you on an experience we we
spend a lot of time really honestly
working with spirit and asking Spirit to
help guide us on how to craft activities
and ceremonies and the flow the overall
flow of the retreat
to help bring these things out and
and it’s a gentle immersion I’m going to say into
continuing to maybe release some stuck
conditioning and Concepts and ideas
about who we might be and then simply allowing
us to be in our true nature our true selves
through experience and then also quite
honestly allowing others to be in their
true nature and a true expression of
their selves while we still stay intact
over here with within us without
attachment so that’s kind of a gist of kind of
where we where we see people are at in
their transformational process if they
are a fit for one of our Retreats
today so if that sounds like that might
be an alignment for you at all we
welcome you to check out our events page
at SacredPillars.church
look at our events page see what
Retreats we have going on that’s the
general theme around them and we’re going to have
more videos on our Retreats and
ceremonies and everything that we
continue to do to help others
awaken on their path thanks