Retreat Program: Who’s it for?

Retreat Program: Who’s it for? A lot of people can probably benefit from using psilocybin for transformational reasons, however is our program a good fit for you? Our 10-week program, which includes a psilocybin retreat in the central United States, is very intentional, bringing together specific spiritual components to accelerate your healing. Are you a good match for the qualities of this program? Watch and find out if you are!

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Video Transcript

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hey everybody it’s Tiffany again with
sacred pillars and I’ve got another
video for you about our in Retreat program
if you don’t know what that is go back a
few videos check out the overview video
of it and get caught up.  So
this video I’m going to focus on
who is the retreat program for.  This can be a scary thing for
people the contemplating using
psychedelics there’s been a lot of
conditioning a lot of programming around
drugs in quotes and quite honestly when
when psychedelics
are used with sincere spiritual
intention that’s why we call this an
entheogen. Really quite profound
and amazing things can can happen so it can be literally for everyone
we work with men we work with women
interestingly pretty balanced
we’ve seen both get equally
profound results out of the entheogen
retreat program we work with people of
all ages we’ve had people from their
young 20s all the way up into the their
70s. So there’s really a range of people that
we that we work with it can be for
anyone I will tell you that there are a
couple of things that I’ve noticed
that that the program seems to be
um a really really really strong fit for
so people that have already gone into life
and feel really stuck
 feel like they they have done the
work already they have done the
conventional traditional things
that that were that we’re told to do
 and I am a big proponent for a lot of
traditional things to do such as therapy
and and things like that I think that
has amazing benefits but a lot of times
that’s not enough for people
 and you don’t have to be somebody
that’s just had some major major life
traumas quite quite honestly we we work
with people that have had traumas
that I feel really stuck with those
but we also work with people that are
simply looking to expand their connectedness really get
in touch with spirituality try to
understand and dig deeper into
themselves to understand their life path
their life purpose how to bring more
fulfillment so I want to be really clear
and entheogens or c psilocybin
is not just for people that have trauma
we don’t we don’t we work with all kinds
of people if you are on a sincere path
of seeking the truth within yourself and
having more awareness of the beautiful
the vanity that you really are. This program can be for you some of the
things that we find that um maybe maybe
the answer maybe it’s not a great fit is
that people  haven’t really done any kind of work
and maybe they’re in denial about
when I say work I mean deeper inner
inner work where they can’t get in touch
with their feelings they’re really stuck
they have a lot of resistance they will
not give up uh control they’ve never
tried really looking at  themselves in a deeper way
quite honestly I find that that there’s
other steps that people need to do
before potentially diving into
psychedelics I think that that
it can be unsafe for certain people
particular people around that might have
mental health conditions too so that’s a
consideration certain medications and
also certain health conditions too and
we’ve got some of that on our website we
can also help you understand that
through a personal assessment we do
those sessions with people that if
you’re really not understanding for
yourself what if if if psilocybin could
could or should be an option for you we
can help you make that decision for
yourself you don’t have to go into
figuring that out alone we we can help
you with that we’ve helped hundreds of
people try to understand what a safe
experience might look like for them okay
um so so it it can be forever it can’t
really can be for everyone we we work
with moms dads grandmas grandpas we work with
Executives we work with lawyers we work
with doctors we work with CEOs
we work with other alternative
healing practitioners people that are on
healing paths themselves using
alternative modalities
that want to continue to to go in and
deepen their connection and work on the
things that they need to to work on
so it’s there’s there’s not a
specific demographic there’s no specific
age there’s it’s the beauty with plant
medicine it can be for everyone the
bigger question is is this safe for me
that’s the question you should be asking
yourself and that’s where we can help
you we can help you understand that for
yourself so if you are interested in
understanding better if the theogen
retreat program is for you specifically
or just psychedelics in general
psilocybin in general we can we can help
with that  there’s a couple ways to do that if
you’re specifically interested in the
Retreat program we ask you to
sign up for a  a discovery call we’ll
leave the link for that if you’re just absolutely not certain at
all of what path you should or should
not take and you might want to consider
micro dosing as a route you might want
to consider private ceremony as a route
that’s where we’ll take a deeper dive
with you and that’s where a personal
assessment call with us would be a
better fit so I’m going to leave the
link for that as well all right take
care my friends thanks for watching