Integration Phase #4 to a safe and profound psychedelic experience

Integration, phase #4 of 4 in our approach to helping you have a safe and profound psychedelic experience. This is the most important step to help you integrate the changes into your daily life and make long lasting transformational changes. Sign up for your Personal Assessment at: or learn more


Video Transcript

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hi I’m candi with sacred pillars church
and I’m here today to talk to you about
integration which is phase #4 of 4 in our approach to helping you have a safe and profound psychedelic experience
and why do we talk about integration and
what is it to me it is the most
important step in the process
when working with psilocybin we can
have these amazing experiences and
awareness and profound shifts
during ceremony
and some of them
maybe the experiences don’t make sense
and it helps to have people to talk to that
can understand that help you work
through it you know people and our normal people in
our lives that have not experienced
psychedelics (psilocybin) or working in altered
state consciousness
it is hard for them to understand if
they haven’t experienced so it’s
important to have people around you to
be able to talk to and work things out
the other thing that is to me  the
most  important thing is you know we
go back to our daily lives and
a lot of the people and things in our
daily lives have not changed but now we
have these new awarenesses about
ourselves that can we can change
and we have to practice
these new behaviors and it does take
practice you know it’d be great if all of a
sudden in the plant medicine that we had
to shift and all of a sudden everything
just changed like that there’s some
people have talked about that and that
it has but most my experience and most
people I worked with psilocybin
they have these awarenesses now and so
now you have an awareness you can make
the change you can start changing that
story in your head
or that we tell us and you can start
changing that behavior and being able to
work with people that have had that
experience and integrating that into our daily
lives that’s where the transformational
change that’s where the long-term change
comes you know a lot of people come out
of a psilocybin ceremony and they feel great
for three months six months maybe a year
and things have changed but then they
slowly go back and they find themselves
back where they were
or I’ve worked with people that have
gone off done psilocybin and didn’t
have the support afterwards and have
come back and have been felt worse off
than before they went they felt very
alone not understood and they have no
idea how to start integrating these
things and awarenesses that they they
received in the psilocybin ceremony and it can be
overwhelming so we’re here for people to
help integrate these experiences help
explain them help work with you we’ve
got practices in place to help
you bring more awareness and to start
changing those behaviors in your daily
life and those are for long-term
transformational changes we also offer
personalized one-on-one coaching for
this specific reason
so you know if you find yourself in a
psychedelic ceremony
and you need you want to be around
like-minded people we also have as a
church we have three integration
meetings a month for you so check it out
on our events page if you’ve got more
questions reach out to us and thank you