November 14, 2022 twopillarsfoundation

The first step in having a positive psychedelic experience


The first step has nothing to do with…

    • Deciding which entheogen (or psychedelic) to take
    • What dose you should you start with
    • Figuring out if you are going to go to an oversees entheogen retreat


The BEST question to ask yourself is… what is your READINESS to take an entheogen for transformation?

Not many people ask this question.  They just think they are ready because they watched a documentary where someone in a trial used psychedelic-assisted therapy and had profound results.

What no one really understands is that participants in psychedelic-assisted therapy clinical trials are CAREFULLY SELECTED based on their READINESS (health, goals, prior treatments, etc.), go through extensive PREPARATION, and are required to participate in INTEGRATION sessions.  The process is carefully planned and requires time and patience.

Some other things to consider are:

    • There are different ways to use psilocybin for transformation (ex. micro vs. macrodosing) and no one way is a fit for everyone.
    • Everyone is at a different starting place depending on their specific health, circumstances, and goals.
    • Not everyone is ready to use psilocybin straightaway, but most people can safely embark on a path with education and preparation based on their specific needs.


So before jumping in, we invite you to understand your readiness.  You can find mental health professionals that are supportive of using alternative treatments such as psychedelics (not that most can administer them yet in the US, but they may be able to help you assess if you are ready).  Also, there is a growing network of psychedelic coaches that can also help you do the same.

Sacred Pillars Church Psychedelic Coaches can help you assess your readiness through a Personal Assessment.  This service is designed to help people understand:

  1. how the entheogen process really works
  2. your specific readiness to engage a psychedelics path
  3. which path to engage
  4. feedback for preparation
  5. options for safe next steps


CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to watch our video about this all important Phase 1 of our 4 phase psychedelics approach.

If you are ready to schedule a Personal Assessment session, click here ,  or learn more about microdose coaching @