November 23, 2022 twopillarsfoundation

The Most Important Setup to any Entheogen Journey – Integration!

If Entheogens don’t profoundly change your life, this is likely why…

The last phase in our approach to using psychedelics is the SINGLE, MOST IMPORTANT STEP.

We repeat, it’s the MOST IMPORTANT STEP to any entheogen journey.

So often people believe that the Ceremony Phase is what is going to transform them.  It’s not.  It’s the phase that might shake things up within you, but what do you do with new awareness, clarity, perceptions, and feelings when you go back into your normal life and routine?

Ceremony is only the beginning.  Next, YOU (not the medicine) cultivate a new reality based on your Ceremony experience.  This can be an uncomfortable process.

So the single, most paramount step to transforming your life using psychedelics is….

Phase #4…. Integration.

Integration is the process by which you take what you experienced in Ceremony and, with trust, exploration, commitment, patience, love, honesty, support, and courage, you co-create your life beyond your wildest dreams.

So what does integration look like for  you?

Well… and so the journey into the unknown continues.  Integration is not pre-defined and likely changes continually to meet the flow of the new you.

Integration is typically a mixture of BEING (removing distraction and getting comfortable with yourself exactly as you are in the moment) and DOING (taking steps when necessary to bring about the change you desire).

Key areas to loosely craft an integration plan around can include:

  1. time for nurturing and self-love through rest, food, and movement
  2. honest, authentic reflection and self-exploration
  3. feeling our feelings, without compromise
  4. taking action from the heart
  5. SUPPORT from like-hearted friends, community, or therapy

And guess what?

When/if you choose to use entheogens again, the whole entire process of Phase 1 through 4 (Assessment, Preparation, Ceremony, Integration) repeats itself.

It is a cycle, just like our days, seasons, lifetimes, and cosmos.  There is no end destination.  You are on a journey of endless possibility and infinite love.  Buckle up.  

Candi talks more about Phase #4 Integration in the below video.  CLICK ON THE IMAGE to watch.


In our experience working with people we see that when they properly prepare and have structured support they have significant positive changes in their life.

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