November 17, 2022 twopillarsfoundation

The Most Overlooked Step Starting an Entheogen Journey

Next up….  preparing for your entheogen or psychedelic journey!

So through Phase #1 – the personal assessment you’ve discovered you’re physically and mentally fit, demonstrate a willingness to change, have a more realistic picture of how entheogens work, and you know the path you want to take.   Phase #1 complete!

So you’re ready to jump into an entheogen retreat, right?

Well, not so fast….

Now you have an intellectual readiness, but does this really mean you know HOW to work with psilocybin to allow and receive every gift it is ready to offer you, such as:

    • create within yourself an open container, supported by your own self-love, to accept anything and everything the medicine has to show you?
    • bare yourself fully of who you are, no more hiding, denial, secrets or suppression of your truth?
    • completely feel and experience any and all emotions, without compromise?


Tall order?  It doesn’t have to be.  Not when you lay some groundwork and dry run this process BEFOREHAND with….


Whether you mircodose or macrodose, attend a entheogen retreat or private ceremony, we always incorporate a Preparation phase into planning for your journey.  Your preparation may vary depending on your needs, but in general we are giving you practices, tools, support and feedback that:

    1. works with your intentions to craft the reality you wish to step into 
    2. identifies resistance and practices allowing in your day to day life, before ceremony
    3. creates a sacred, loving space within yourself to receive the gifts of the medicine
    4. should something challenging come up in ceremony, dives deep into self-discovery and liberation


Candi talks more about the Preparation phase in the video below.  CLICK ON THE IMAGE to learn more about Phase 2 of our 4 phase psychedelics approach.


In our experience working with people we see that when they properly prepare and have structured support they have significant positive changes in their life.

We can help you better understand if using psilocybin may be a path for you by scheduling a Personal Assessment call @ ,  or learn more about microdose coaching @