November 21, 2022 twopillarsfoundation

The Psychedelic Ceremony… What to expect?


Next up in our safe approach to using psychedelics is the most anticipated step.

It’s the deep dive.  This is the part that can make people nervous, joyful, and bring about significant shifts.

It’s Phase #3…. the Ceremony!

As part of planning for your ceremony, we recommend a really important line of questioning, such as….

  1. Is my physical setting and environment safe?
  2. Who will be present with me and what is their capacity to hold a safe and supportive space for me?
  3. If I’m going to a retreat, is my experience confidential, did I personally talk to the facilitators, what is their experience facilitating others, was I screened for health conditions/medications, what is the ceremony flow, how am I supported during the ceremony, how is my integration process supported afterward, what safety procedures are in place, how do I intuitively feel about the facilitators, etc.

And here’s the question we get asked a dozen times each week….

What will I specifically experience in a ceremony?

Well… what’s the fun in knowing that?  Plus, it’s just about impossible to answer.  Experiences vary person to person, ceremony to ceremony.

This is why it is so important to ensure you have a safe supportive setting, and just open up to the unknown and allow the medicine to show you all aspects of yourself that are ready to be brought into awareness.

We cannot control what happens.  We can only flow with the experience and receive its beauty, in all its forms.

There are some broad generalizations people commonly talk about experiencing.  They can include:

  • emotional processing
  • healing of past traumas / wounds
  • spiritual and ancestral connectedness
  • recollection of suppressed memories
  • clarity
  • peace

To learn more, CLICK ON THE IMAGE for a video about Sacred Pillars Church’s ceremony framework.  Browse other videos on our website where Tiffany and Candi share some of their personal experiences macrodosing psilocybin.


In our experience working with people we see that when they properly prepare and have structured support they have significant positive changes in their life.

We can help you better understand if using psilocybin may be a path for you by scheduling a Personal Assessment call @ ,  or learn more about microdose coaching @