Retreat Program: Why Tiffany believes integration is the single, biggest deal-maker

Watch why Tiffany believes integration is the single, biggest deal-maker in our entheogen retreat program and a must-do step to get life-long benefits. The integration phase is the most missed or neglected step in the entheogen journey, which can lead to the perception that psilocybin didn’t give you the results you were looking for.

The Entheogen Retreat Program is a multi-week journey to provide comprehensive preparation, a profound 3-day entheogen retreat in the Central United States, and post-ceremony support to understand and integrate your experience.

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Video Transcript

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hey you folks Tiffany again with sacred
pillars and today I’m talking to you
about my opinion on why integration after an
infusion Retreat entheogen ceremony
after using psilocybin mushrooms why it
is so important and I will tell you that I believe
that this is the absolute most neglected
most misstep  throughout the entheogen process and
this is why we have made it
a required part of our entheogen Retreat
program we can see a lot of people getting
excited maybe about the preparation
phase they of course everybody gets
really excited about the retreat itself
but then you kind of go back to your
day-to-day life and people don’t get as
excited about integration but I will
tell you that is where the real work
happens okay so
what do I even mean by integration so
it’s it’s taking what you experienced in
the in entheogen Retreat or the psilocybin
ceremony and you’re basically taking
that back into your day-to-day life and
you’re continuing to work with what the
medicine revealed to you during the entheogen ceremony or
what continues to be revealed to you
it’s such a misconception that you walk
out of that ceremony and you think that
you’re done with the medicine when you
really step into using psilocybin
mushrooms or any other kind of entheogen
what you’re really doing when you’re
really doing it for healing and
transformation this is a lifelong
process okay this is and you’re always
going to be in what I call a medicine
field and you can always tap into it
again but we we need to do that with
intention and really conscious awareness
and be continuing to work with what the
medicine it honestly just continues to
to show us and what our souls continue
to reveal to us but people overlook this and it’s it can
be subtle and it doesn’t necessarily mean that
it’s difficult like people think
okay I’m only going to do integration
if I’m having a difficult time
with  kind of taking my experience and
moving into day-to-day life
we we missed the boat with that too
because I would tell you when we’re not
really paying attention to what’s
happening in day-to-day life when we’re
not really sinking into seeing what
what’s happening within us
our our behaviors our thoughts our way
of being our actions like we we honestly
don’t see the Beautiful
peaceful Harmony filled Grace ease
moments either so this is why my
integration is so important for you to
continue  transformation and continue
your your healing
I will tell you that every single day
when I wake up I am in integration every single day and I’m not
saying that every single day is a
challenge or I’m being you know faced
with difficult things or fears that can
happen for for sure
every day I am  having reflected
back to me things to continue to take a
look at things to see Within Myself
things that are what my soul wants me to
see as far as my path
and how to how to get on it or get off
it or redirect or navigate this way or
navigate that way
so it’s why it’s so critical so you and
it’s very subtle it can be very subtle
I’ve worked with the medicine for years
in particular psilocybin mushrooms
and it can be very subtle so people just
really kind of starting off using the
medicine or you know they haven’t used it quite
extensively these lessons can go
you know just kind of go by the wayside
and you kind of miss miss the beauty of
what the medicine is trying to continue
to show you so
so the bottom line with that is having a
network of support
and I I firmly believe I firmly believe
with all of my being that if you really
want to see the lifelong benefits that
fundamentally change you
to be able to walk on your human path
with ease Grace Stillness Harmony peace
love all of that which is it is
absolutely possible for every single one
of us I don’t care where you’re at or
where you’ve been at
it is possible because it’s happened for
me and I’ve seen it happen with with so
many other people it’s absolutely
possible but you got to do this step okay and
this is why we require it and honestly
we are not into sort of helping people
okay we’re we’re here to help you get
the full potential benefit out of using
the medicine so we are all in
so we require you to be all in as well
with our in entheogen Retreat program and
going through a multi-week
um phase of integration afterwards so
we uh we heal as a as a family as a
community and that’s what we we do as
part of our entheogen Retreat program okay
so if this interests you at all go ahead
and follow the link that I’ve included
with the video that’s going to take you
to showing you what our most recent in
entheogen retreat program is just know
that we have multiple ones throughout
the year you just need to look at our
events page to see
um the other calendar dates for that if
you have already had an assessment call
with us or a discovery call with us and
you have been approved to use the
medicine and it has and it’s been within six months you
can go ahead and register directly using
the links once you once you go into the
events description if you uh have not
talked to us yet we sure want to get to
know you and and understand if this is
really a good fit for you so we want to
have a discovery call with you and you
can also go ahead and get that scheduled
with us too so thank you so much for
listening and have an amazing day