Tiffany’s journey from Corporate America to entheogens

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Video Transcript

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hi there it’s Tiffany with sacred
pillars talking to you today about a
question I get asked often
my background is such is that I went
from Corporate America to being entheogen church co-founder over the span
of obviously several years so people
want to know like how did that happen
like quite honestly like I kind of asked
myself that too a lot it’s like when I
look back I’m like huh how did that
happen well the the truth is is that it
was it was a journey in every step of
the way I stepped into my path with my
heart open in a willingness
to really see things in a different
light to see my reality to see my
experiences to see my relationship
with everyone around me my work around
me in a different way in a different
light and be open
to understanding what heart fulfillment
really felt like
uh instead of seeking fulfillment from
productivity from a paycheck from a
title from accomplishment achievement
like I became unfulfilled in those ways
and as soon as I could really kind of
open up to getting out of this
patterning of what I thought work needed
to look like that’s when the doors
really opened for me in a in a much
different way so
just a little little background a little
nuts and bolts background so after I
completed college I went into
um my first job into a large corporation
and kind of started off entry level and
over 16 years there were 16 great years
so grateful for them so one so grateful
for all the wonderful people and
experiences and what I learned from that
because I actually carry that with me
today with doing the business side of
the church work
um but over the span of 16 years I
had different roles, worked my way into
management and then upper management ran
several different departments over those
years and it’s really really beautiful
and really grateful for that experience
at some point with an I got feeling
unfulfilled like it wasn’t quite filling
me up the way that it used to before
so what um
what I did from there was and it wasn’t
easy it didn’t happen overnight there’s
there’s a lot of contemplation a lot of
you know there was a lot of fear for me
I was really stepping out of
a lot of what I you know perceived
safety of
um having you know a predictable
paycheck every other week and
but really I couldn’t I couldn’t keep
doing it anymore so I got more into a
couple of entrepreneurial roles after
that and that really got me into feeling
what may or may not uh work for me in in
that kind of setting so I got to test
out and doing different things seeing
how my heart felt fulfilled with that
got to really step into my own vision
and my own own goals and instead of
following somebody else’s which I really
really really like
uh on my own flexibility and my schedule
my own autonomy uh in in my schedule and
what I do and that today is what’s
actually most important to me is that I
I get to be my own person in all that
that I do and you know what I realized
moving into my own plant medicine
Journey experiences so I have my own
very deep very rich personal experiences
using entheogens and psychedelics and
plant medicines that really led me on a
path ultimately to start the the the the
however what I learned through my plant
medicine experiences was that
anything that I had that I was going
into in exploring for myself I needed to
open up to a new way of seeing my
reality around me seeing viewing work
and what work meant to me and that can
be hard that can be challenging it can
be really uncomfortable it still can be
uncomfortable today there’s uncertainty
in it and in that there can be a lot of
distraction there can be a lot of
holding on to Old ideas or beliefs or
concepts about the way things should be
but when my heart is telling me it wants
to be somewhere else
um so that’s that’s a little bit of how
I I went from from Corporate America to
to church girl I know it’s it kind of
seems like a big gap there’s an ocean
there and it really ultimately it came
down to me following my heart’s desire
and being really open and willing to
experience everything around me
differently and being able to take it in
and receive the gifts that are there and
available and then I got to feel from a
heart level those are the things that I
want to do or not want to do I’ve also
learned a lot of what I don’t want to do
probably mostly I’ve learned what I
don’t want to do which has helped me
move towards what I want to do so
that’s what I have thank you for
watching today and if you want to know
more about
um the church we’ve got a whole bunch of
other videos uh check us out at thanks