Tiffany’s macrodosing psilocybin experiences

Find out more about the types of experiences Tiffany’s typically has while using macrodosing for healing and transformation. If you want to find out if macrodosing psilocybin is right for you, schedule a call with us.


Video Transcript

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hey there it’s Tiffany again with sacred
pillars now answering another question
that a lot of people have and they want
to know more about my macrodosing
I’ll tell you
I hope I can make this a short video
there are
so many it’s so rich I’m gonna just try
to touch on
the highlights with my kitty cat who is
chewing the cords
so a macrodose is where this is this is
a larger dose that you might take say
during a retreat or in a ceremonial
setting so just know that when what I’m
talking about is to take out a larger
dose maybe somewhere between two and
four grams
um and I also want to make mention that
every time I do
some kind of Journey like this for
myself or my for me personally I am
always doing it with some kind of
healing and tension or transformational
intention I’m never going in and just
expecting to see rainbows and unicorns
that’s not how I work with entheogens or
how I work with psilocybin
it just doesn’t work out for me that way
we’re literally gonna get what we
what we need not uh an experience that
we want want to have
that’s kind of number one of the
other thing too is I’ve I’ve used them
for years but I would tell you I always
have some kind of integration
uh period for myself with this so I am
I’m not talking about having these
experiences and all of a sudden the next
day I’m fixed or I’m cured or
anything like that this is a long-term
process where I’ve had huge huge huge
integration of these experiences where
I’ve had to basically take what I’ve
learned and be able to process it in my
day-to-day life so I just want to make
mention that this is not just about the
individual ceremony experience this is
your uh your preparation going into it
as well as your your integration on the
back end Okay so
okay the experiences themselves so early
I had a lot of
what I want to say heal healing work to
do at a
emotional level and I was very blocked
off I was very shut down emotionally was
not able to get into my emotions very
well at all so I spent a long time
trying to crack open this heart
this heart space to be even able to feel
and so that was it’s been a long time
even recognizing that I had trauma like
getting into acceptance that I had
um that needed to be worked on and
looked at and felt that was huge in
of itself so I spent a long long time
there and there is a lot of discomfort
but I tell you from that there’s so much
growth and just because I’m having this
experience doesn’t mean that you need to
have this experience to do your own
healing Journey again I’m just kind of
talking about what what I experienced
for myself
so um a lot of unblocking emotions a lot
of processing emotions getting into my
heart space I spent years and years and
years doing that because up until that
point I’ve been shut down I was like
what do we need emotions for that’s bull
crap let’s we don’t need that I can get
along in life without it well it’s a
bunch of Hui or humans we’re meant to
feel okay so I had to get into feeling
um so then I’d say there’s a period of
time where things really kind of started
to ebb and shift and change in my
ceremonies where I went into working on
and stuck belief systems so maybe I work
through starting to feel but I still had
crappy thinking
I still had thinking that told me I
wasn’t good enough I wasn’t smart enough
my fear structures that I had in place
things that really kept me locked down
so the the traumas basically we’re
working on getting healed but those
traumas created within me a whole bunch
of ideas Concepts beliefs
that I had about myself and the world
around me that honestly weren’t true but
we get we get stuck into believing them
so I spent a whole good
chunk of time in my ceremonies starting
to work through those and it’s honestly
folks this is all just an ongoing
process I never this this isn’t a I got
done with it and I’m done forever this
is this is still ongoing but these are
just kind of big chunks of the process
that I can kind of recall for myself
um one really interesting thing that has
has come up and it um has come up in the
past and continues to come up for me is
that I get a lot of insight
big realizations big ahas like oh my
gosh now I see that so clearly one thing
that’s come up a lot for me is is seeing
um past lives and how I might be
carrying a wound with me today
from a past life so there’s been things
that I’ve I’ve thought of was like oh
man that is so stuck I have this
this fear that is so stuck I don’t know
where it’s coming from I won’t I’m
trying to work on it trying to move it
and I might get some perspective about
it being associated with a past life
Aspen like amazing awareness and then
it’s able to have actually help give me
perspective and help me work through it
use it for day-to-day things you know
maybe I feel like I’m struggling in
work or I’m struggling in relationships
I go in and maybe ask for for clarity
and awareness and quite honestly it
always points back to me it’s never
about the situation it’s never about the
person it’s never about this or that or
that out there I always get the finger
pointed back to me like literally a
mirror will pop up in front of me
to signify hey look back at yourself
these things that you don’t like that
are happening out there like where’s
that happening within you like where are
you creating that yourself it’s like oh
damn it I did it again
but the power in that is that you can do
something now you think you have
awareness like the worst thing is when
you really feel like you don’t have
control and you have no idea what to do
with it like just imagine seeing that so
clearly it’s like oh yeah I I can do
something about this I can make this
change Within Myself now that I have
that that clarity
um so those are the kind of the big
things you know other things happen too
that I just can’t explain like
mystical experiences
um you know interaction encounters with
multi-dimensional beings and I’ll I’ll
be clear it’s not just to see
some eye candy of something showing up
in front of me it’s really about giving
me some kind of insight and awareness
into myself that I’m ready to see that
that will help me in some kind of way
um and then overall just like feeling
completeness feeling freedom feeling
[Music] to the things around me to people around
me to myself knowing what matters these
are all all really really profound
things that come out of macroduce
Ceremonies for me
as well as a crap ton of other wild
things that uh you know this video is
already long enough that I’m gonna go
ahead and and not share maybe sharing
some other videos but that’s those are
kind of the main categories of different
different things that kind of come up
for me in ceremony and why why do macrodose ceremonies and why they’re so
powerful so thanks again for watching
and check us out on our our website
sacred and we’ve got a
ton of other videos so uh check those
out as well thanks