Retreat Program: why preparation is essential

Are you emotional, mentally, and spiritually ready for an entheogen journey? Find out why the preparation phase is so important before using psilocybin, especially in a group setting.

The Retreat Program is a multi-week journey to provide comprehensive preparation, a profound 3-day retreat in the Central United States, and post-ceremony support to understand and integrate your experience.

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Video Transcript

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hey everybody this is Tiffany with
sacred pillars
I am talking to you today about my
opinion on why the preparation phase
of our in entheogen retreat program is so
so important and we’ve just continued to
learn a lot over the years about what we
see really working for people and what
we see really honestly not working for
people and so one of the reasons we
started entheogen retreat program was to add in a preparation
phase that’s a multi-week phase that allows people to I’m going
to say reach a certain level of
emotional mental and spiritual Fitness
to match how in entheogens or psilocybin
mushrooms actually work with people
so think of the analogy of you most
people at least wouldn’t wake up uh at
any given day and just say oh I’m just
gonna go run a marathon without training
for it this is this is really really similar so
when because what you’re what you’re
really doing is when you’re saying hey I
want to I want to step up into working
with in entheogens you’re really making a
decision to have a conversation with your soul at
a deeper level and you’re you’re really saying hey I am
ready to see the truth within me to
really see who I am and I am ready to
step into my Human Experience
okay so you’re not escaping anything
this is this this is everything’s coming
at you like right right here you’re
gonna see things about yourself that may
not be comfortable you uh could you
could have to face fears you could feel
I’m uncomfortable emotions you might see
um an experience and have to heal from
difficult past situations you might have
your entire belief systems called into
question everything that you’ve always
believed true to hold strong to Safety
and Security it was out the window okay
you might see things about your your
relationships your job your family you
know difficult things that you might
need to to kind of take a look at
uh and possible changes to make
so it’s this is again this is about a
having a deep honest authentic
conversation with with your soul and if
you if you’re not ready for that and
this is what we have seen happen for
people they may not get much out of the
experience the entheogen experience
itself because perceived they may not perceive that
they got much out of the in theogen
experience because they were expecting a
different result so the more that you’re
prepared to kind of take a look at
things that may come up the more that
you’re going to be able to actually see
the subtleties and how the medicine is
working with you how they in entheogens or
the psilocybin mushrooms are really
really working with you
um the other thing that could happen is
you might see some things experience
some things while you’re in um the in
the in theogen retreat with us
and uh it might be really really
uncomfortable because you weren’t
prepared to see those things you didn’t
go through a preparation phase that’s
where people might call that a a bad
trip we don’t like to use that that term
just because we don’t think that
anything’s bad in the in this in the
ceremony experience we might perceive it
as that way but to me that just means we
weren’t we weren’t really prepared and
now um ready to go into an integration phase
to really kind of dig deeper into those
parts of ourselves um you could also like I just mentioned
have a challenging integration
experience uh as well so that’s why the main reason why we
think preparation is so important the
other thing that we think is really
really really critical especially in a
group setting your ability to lean into the ceremony
experience the ability to lean into the
in entheogen Retreat weekend
a lot has to do with how comfortable you
are with who you’re going to be doing
this work with Okay so maybe you have a
relationship with candy and I perhaps
but do you have any kind of interaction or Comfort
level with the other participants
it’s super important we heal as a tribe
and we what we’ve noticed is when we
just kind of put people down together
without having folks more comfortable
with one another not to say that you don’t get
something out of the experience but I
think it really speaks to being able to
lean in and be comfortable with the
experience and be more vulnerable and
Time After Time After Time what we see
is when people are more vulnerable
they’re really able to get more out of
the experience so that is my take on why
I think preparation is so important in
our in entheogen Retreat program
if this is something that you are
interested in we have several dates
coming up within the next year that’s
all on our events page so I will include
the link to one of our more recent upcoming
ceremonies entheogen Retreat
programs that we have coming up that’s
within the next few months I’ll include
that in the  comments here
and I want to be clear the two that
as far as next steps go if you have
already had a discovery call with us or
a personal assessment within the last
six months and nothing with your health
has changed or your medications and
you’ve been approved to participate in a
ceremony with us you can go ahead and go
right into registering but if you
haven’t had a call with us we sure want
to get to know you first so we ask you
to book a discovery call and all that
information how to do that is going to
be in the uh the link that I include
with this video so thank you for
watching and have a blessed day