What are our entheogen services?

What are Sacred Pillars Church entheogen services? Find out more about our entheogen services and how they can benefit you. If you want to determine if you are a good fit for a ceremony, sign up for a Personal Assessment at https://SacredPillarsChurch.as.me/BookPersonalAssessment or learn more https://sacredpillars.church/services/next-step/


Video Transcript

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hi I’m Candi with sacred pillars
church and I’m here today to talk to you
about Sacred Pillars entheogen services and why we offer
these so we’ve talked about our personal
assessment Tiffany talked about it in
our approach and why is that so
important to us well number one is safety safety for you
safety for the church and safety for
others and also we want to make sure of
we’ve got these different services and
we find out what service is going to be
best for you it’s real important that
you go into these entheogen ceremonies or these services and
you have the opportunity to get the most
out of it so during that personal assessment we
work with you to find out what is what’s going to be best for you
you know next we’ve got microdose entheogen
coaching which is such a wonderful program
and why do we offer this well there’s a
lot of people have worked with over the
years  with entheogens (psilocybin) that come in and they’ve had
tried traditional modalities of healing
and they’ve been stuck and they haven’t
been able to get past it maybe they’ve
been on antidepressants they’ve been on
other types of medicines  traditional
means and they’re looking for something
different well we can work with you in
the microdose coaching we’ve got a really strong
framework that we’ve put together and
program called The Sacred way and we
have different entheogen (psilocybin) coaching programs based
on where you are in your personal
journey and your personal healing and
again in the personal assessment we can
talk to you about that and we know which
microdosing program might be
the best for you so then we’ve got our  entheogen (psilocybin) ceremonies we’ve
got different packages and these are
psilocybin ceremonies and we’ve got
private ceremonies we’ve got group entheogen
ceremonies which are amazing and  for
me why I think they’re amazing when you
get that Collective energy all
come together for the same healing and
it’s just amazing what can happen in a
group the private psilocybin ceremonies can be very
very impactful as well especially if you
haven’t worked with entheogens
before and you’re new with the healing
and our ceremonies aren’t just like we
go and you go into a ceremony as an
approach we talk about there’s
Preparatory work before you ever go into
entheogen ceremony there’s a ceremony itself and then
there’s integration and there’s a
ceremony after the ceremony so that’s all part of our  psilocybin ceremony packages
we also offer three-day entheogen Retreats which
are amazing and the three-day entheogen Retreats
 include a lot of different modalities
there is psilocybin ceremony within
there but there’s so much more that go
into those  entheogen Retreats and they can be very
immersive and very transformational and
these are for anyone or for people that are actually
looking doing the same type of work or
wanting to facilitate and help others
it’s a great way to come into immersive
weekend and then we have another services that
we offer is a Kambo and this is a purgative
medicine and it’s very powerful
medicines a very cleansing medicine we
work with a lot of people that maybe
have had some thyroid issues or
liver issues myself I used it during
covid a lot to kill my body cleanse and
you know it’s knock on wood that I have not had covid but it’s a
very beautiful medicine again everything
that we do is treated like a ceremony so
there’s Preparatory proper
preparation for that I’ll get that word
out there  and then you know it’s a
sound immersion too during that ceremony
 and then again we talk about group
integration support we offer three times a month
integration support and it is so powerful again being able
to bearound like-minded people
and realize you don’t have to walk
through this alone so each of these entheogen Services we’ve got on
our website that you can read more about
and we’re going to be having videos that
you can check out that are going to go
more in detail with them so thank you