What does it mean to microdose psilocybin?

Learn about our take on what microdosing psilocybin is about, how it can help with depression and anxiety, and how to work with it to get great results. If you are curious to understand better if microdosing psilocybin is for you, schedule a call with us at: https://SacredPillarsChurch.as.me/BookPersonalAssessment or learn more https://sacredpillars.church/services/next-step/


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hi there it’s Tiffany and candy with
sacred pillars answering some more
questions that you have for us so uh
this next one is about what in the world
is microdosing psilocybin about so we get uh
people coming to us who know about
comparatively speaking called something
called a macrodose where you take a much
larger dose and you kind of go in
ceremonially that’s not what we’re
talking about here so candy what does it
mean to microdose psilocybin so microdosing is used with people where they
take a very very small amount which is
said to have a sub perceptual effect
so what does that mean
it means that it is very low dose of psilocybin that
you have you should not really have any
psychedelic effect you might feel the
medicine just a tinge
but it’s not like when you go into a
macrodose and you see all these you know
unicorns rainbows uh you should be able
to take the microdose and go about your
your day not that we suggest that soy
take it you want to take a microdose
the same way with macradose you want to
go in with intention and purpose to get
the most out of it people use
microdosing for several different
reasons but mainly depression anxiety
addictions they either stuck someplace
in life in a relationship job whatever
that may be that microdosing psilocybin can help it
might take it might have a longer term
uh that you need to to take the medicine
or to work through these things but what
happens is it helps bring up these
awarenesses to now where you can work on
these in your daily life
and integrate them in as in with the
taking a microdose it’s all about
integration and macrodose the
microdosing is a much easier kind of
softer way to go into working with psilocybin if you’re not sure that you
want to not ready for a macrodose micro
dosing is a great way to start there has
been a lot of great benefits and people
have had some huge transformational
changes with microdosing psilocybin especially with
working with the coach as well yeah
that’s a it’s a great point so macrodosing isn’t always the best path for
for people and this is something that we
can we can help you with understanding
for yourself but oftentimes we we
recommend and suggest people start with
with microdosing psilocybin especially people that
just are kind of getting started and not
exactly sure if they have the
Preparatory skills to work with a macrodose we really we really recommend
microdosing and we can help you
understand that for yourself so we do
something called a personal assessment
where you can tell us all about what you have
going on with your
um kind of your background the work that
you’ve done your goals that you’re
trying to achieve with with using
psilocybin you can tell us a little
bit about your health
conditions medications disclaimer we are
not mental mental health nor medical
professionals but anecdotally we’ve been
around the block and we we know
how things have worked typically with
people with certain conditions so anyway
we help you understand what a safe path
might be for you to get the most out of
your experience working with psilocybin so we can do that
through a personal assessment
that’s on our website so if you go to
our website and go to the take the next
steps page that’s where you find more
about the personal assessment and how
you how we can work with you to help you
understand the next the next PATH to
take for yourself so anything else I
think that’s it for today all right
fantastic thanks for watching thanks