What is psilocybin?

Here’s our short take on psilocybin. We can help you better understand if using psilocybin may be a path for you by scheduling a call with us at: https://SacredPillarsChurch.as.me/BookPersonalAssessment or learn more https://sacredpillars.church/services/next-step/


Video Transcript

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hello again it is Tiffany and candy with
Sacred pillars and we are answering
questions today some of the most
frequently asked questions that we get
from folks and Candy I have a question
for you what a second how do you spell
and then what is psilocybin well
that’s a really good question so what is
it well a lot of times you’ll
hear it as magic mushrooms and the
reason that is is these are particular
mushrooms that have psilocybin in them
which is the Psychedelic or
hallucinogenic effect  in the mushroom
and so that is where the psilocybin
comes from and you’re hearing a lot
lately about it in the media and the reason that is  there
are some wonderful  clinical trials
going on with psilocybin I mean you can do the research
John Hopkins maps program there’s all
different kinds of Trials where
psilocybin is helping to reduce anxiety
depression addictions
so it is very powerful medicine
that we work with that we love working
with people for transformation and so you can go out there and do
your research on it read a little bit
more and if you’re interested in finding
out what we do working with psilocybin
you can go to our website sacredpillars.church
and find out more and how we work with
psilocybin and Tiffany is there anything that
you’d like to say Yeah in addition to
doing  your own research on psilocybin
let us help you we’ve got all kinds of
information out on our website with
other videos around entheogen use or psychedelic use
or psilocybin use and come come check us
out at one of our events but also we do
personal assessments for everyone like
like if you’re really interested in
taking a dive into using these tools (psilocybin)
these medicines these sacred sacraments
they’re sacred and they’re there to
assist you in ways that people are not
really familiar with how to navigate so
we can help you based on our experience
we’re with hundreds of people understand
maybe what might be a good path for you
to take so that’s our our personal
assessment all that you can find on our
website sacredpillars.church and thank
you for watching thank you