What is psychedelic “setting?”

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Video Transcript

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hey there it’s Tiffany with sacred
pillars all right so I am talking to you
today about setting so you might have
heard the question
uh what is set and setting for a psychedelic or psilocybin experience
um so that’s a very common term that
people might use when they’re talking
about macrodose experience so this would
be something that you do when you’re at
a retreat or you’re in a ceremonial
uh doing a macrodose for a psychedelic or psilocybin experience and so we have
another video on what is set which is
about your mindset going into Ceremony
this is setting which is this is your
physical and social environment right so
this is about honestly this is really
largely about safety so when you take entheogens your senses are going to be
highly highly highly heightened so
you’re gonna
things are going to be brighter you’re
going to you know you might be more
sensitive to noises
um everything you know touch so the big
thing here is that you you want to know
what you plan for your environment all
right because what’s good what can
potentially happen is if you don’t feel
safe with these heightened Sensations
that’s going to lead to fear uh anxiety
and it can really lead to an
uncomfortable psychedelic or psilocybin experience okay so what
are the considerations number one
dedicate to the experience now we love
to do these these macrodose for a psychedelic or psilocybin experience
in what we call ceremonial settings so
make this a ceremony for yourself make
this special and make this dedicated
give intention and attention to what
you’re doing
that’s that’s kind of number one so
dedicate yourself to the experience
where you’re not you know needing to go
jump in the car and run out for pizza or
whatever that’s like it’s just not a
good idea really really advise against
um so the other thing is to consider is
where are you doing it what is your
location okay uh are you in a park are
you going to a concert you doing in your
own home so everybody’s different with
this and it really like depends on your
intention but if you’re just starting
and you’re really wanting to go like how
we go in with a healing and
transformational intention I really
really highly recommend that you’re
doing this in a in a place that you can
control the noise you can control the
flow of people coming in and out you
know preferably out
um location is really really really
um it needs it needs to feel safe to you
so is your is that space also like clean
like energetically clean physically
clean because honestly that everything
around us holds a certain energy so if
the space
isn’t feeling clean that can again
influence your your actual experience
and and then the the last thing really
here is like who are you doing it with
um are you doing it with a bunch of
friends are you doing it with a friend
do those friends have experienced
themselves with this if they if you have
a difficult or challenging experience
can they help you out with that do they
know how to help you out with that
um so that’s I feel like especially for
somebody first starting off that is a
huge huge huge
like probably number number one if
not uh familiar with using entheogens
yourself like really you really want to
have somebody there with you that can be
um in in that in that type of experience
should something happen where you need
some help walking through something or
just feeling safe
somebody needs to be able to to step in
and be able to hold that space for you
okay so that’s that’s very important so
that’s that’s kind of the gist of what
setting for a psychedelic or psilocybin experience is
it’s one of the the biggest
considerations that we have when we are
setting up our entheogen or psychedelic Retreats or our group
ceremonies the setting uh and where we
do it how we set up that flow in the
container that we can create around
creating Sacred Space
um to be able to
to hold a particular energy for the
group is what we spend so much time and
focus on and
um so so that’s the that’s the gist if
you’re interested in hearing about any
more about our Retreats or ceremonies
that’s all on our website at www.sacredpillars.church thanks for watching