What’s an entheogen?

Entheogen is our preferred term when using psychedelics (such as psilocybin mushrooms) in a sacred, ceremonial way for healing and transformation. We can help you better understand if using entheogens may be a path for you by scheduling a Personal Assessment at: https://SacredPillarsChurch.as.me/BookPersonalAssessment or learn more at https://sacredpillars.church/services/next-step/


Video Transcript

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hi I’m candi Boyer with sacred pillars
church and I’m here with Tiffany today
to answer uh one of the questions that
is frequently asked
and this is with a word that you wonder
people ask us like why do you even use
this word that we cannot pronounce or
spell so what is an entheogen
infusion yes big words yes we use it all
the time people look at us funny
um and so what is this word why do we
use it what does it even mean why can’t
you just use a word that everybody else
knows so that’s what we’re covering here
so in entheogen is basically a
hallucinogenic plant or fungi used what we would cause
a sacred Sacrament or ceremonially
within some kind of healing or spiritual
transformational context okay so what
we’re trying to do here
is Rebrand using psychedelics for healing
healing purposes so we’re trying to kind
of take away that stigma that people
have of hippie dippy blah blah blah I’m
going out and I’m getting high I’m going
out and you know tripping my balls off
like it’s not what we’re doing folks a lot of
times this isn’t a good time
um but anyway there’s there’s
perceptions out there
and we are really trying to frame what
we’re doing to be very sacred and
ceremonial and spiritual so that’s
that’s why we use this word entheogen so what does
this word even mean so in the word
entheogen literally like it’s taken from
Greek translation this is this means
finding the Divine or finding the God
within and I’ll tell you from my
experience that is exactly exactly
what these medicines (entheogens) do all right so
it’s it’s a perfect word uh for for
these these medicines and that’s why we
we use the word entheogen we encourage other people to
to use entheogens and yeah I think that sums it
up you want to add anything I don’t know
if I’m missing anything no
if you find yourself ready or thinking about using entheogens
or psilocybin plant medicine reach
out to us we do a personal assessment
for people to see help determine where your Readiness is
and what that looks like and where you
might want to start so we work
one-on-one with you and that personal
assessment and really put a plan
together for you so you can reach out h
to us personally or check out our
website we’ve got more great information
there we’ve got a bunch of videos at
sacredpillars.church and if you have
any questions feel free to to reach out
to us so thank you Tiffany thank you and
uh thank you for for listening to us