When would a mental health professional refer a client to Sacred Pillars?

Studies have shown that substances such as psilocybin provide relief for people suffering from a host of disorders. Therapists have reached out to us saying their clients have expressed an interest in psychedelics. We discuss when would a mental health professional recommend someone to talk to us. Find out if psychedelics are right for you at: https://SacredPillarsChurch.as.me/BookPersonalAssessment or learn more at https://sacredpillars.church/services/next-step/


Video Transcript

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hi i’m candy from sacred pillars and
this is i am tiffany from sacred pillars
and we’re all giggly today
so tiffany i have um people ask me this
question a lot and i was wondering if
you could answer this for us today
i have a lot of mental health
professionals ask me
when would be the appropriate time to
refer a client to us
great question yes we get we get asked
that all the time
um so i think that there’s several
things to kind of keep keep in mind
maybe take into consideration number one
is the client
uh asking actively about psychedelics
like psychedelics aren’t for for
everyone so i just wouldn’t honestly
blanketly just
saying hey sally jo hey joe smith have
you tried psychedelics like if they are
actually coming to you asking you about
it so they are expressing a curiosity
meaning they’re doing their own research
yeah like like like that’s a good
indication that somebody already kind of
has it on their radar and they’re
looking at it closely so so that’s kind
of number one
another one would be if a client is just
maybe they’re stuck maybe if you’ve
worked with them for a long time
and you’ve tried all the traditional
therapies or the alternative therapies
that you know how to try and they just
seem to be stuck and they have an
sincere desire sincere willingness
sincere effort so they’re really they’re
really trying they’re doing the work
that’s that’s another indication i would
say um another thing would be is if
maybe it’s a client who’s
has already been using psychedelics
needs maybe some specific
assistance and integration with the
psychedelic experience so a lot of times
therapists might find that there’s a bit
of a gap in between being able to help
clients um with with that that have had
psychedelic experiences but they can’t
they can’t exactly relate because they
haven’t used it themselves
so that might be another um
another reason why you might when
somebody might come to us is is when
there’s that type of support that’s
needed um
i think that also you just want to
mention that i think that there’s lots
of opportunities
to to meet with us and to get to know us
before even jumping into that kind of
experience so i think what we want to
make sure that
mental health therapists know is that
it’s not about calling us on the phone
and saying hey go do this with this
person this is about a couple of things
one come come get to know us we have
lots of monthly events
really it’s just for people to come and
maybe get whatever
support they might might need or
transformational healing using breath
work or sharing support circles or with
cacao and we do all kinds of different
things so
you know they don’t have to just come to
us and say i want to go do psychedelics
am i ready no it’s like let’s let’s step
into this let’s kind of build a
relationship with one another and and
and feel feel us out and allow us to
feel you out
then the other step with this is really
like we can help people
with understanding the readiness and we
we do what we call personal assessment
and we can really dig in with that
client based on our years of experience
working with hundreds of people seeing
what works and what doesn’t work for
people we can help your client actually
understand for themselves whether or not
they may be ready to take they take that
next step
how’s that for an answer that is a great
answer you covered a lot of information
and if you think that you have a client
that might be a fit for us
you can have them sign up with a
personal assessment call and we can work
with them to see where their readiness
and preparation is and
assess them so you can go to our website
and have them sign up for a personal
assessment call
thank you thank you