Why do an entheogen retreat with us… how can it help you?

Learn how our retreats are designed to level people up, embody their true nature and step fully onto their life path.

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Video Transcript

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hi tiffany with sacred pillars
okay so who are our retreats for like
what type of person are you what are you
already doing what is your kind of
nature of being how do you approach life
what are your interests um
what might you be wanting to do in
on your path so this is my opinion
i think that our retreats are for
someone who is an introspective person
who wants to go within the heart
and find our answers in our heart that
knows our answers are in our body that
knows our answers in allowing the flow
of the universe to happen but just might
quite might not quite know how to get
there so this is already somebody doing their
work maybe they’ve already done some
deeper shadow work
you don’t necessarily have had to have
traumas or or really deep things going
on it’s just that you need to to already
be on your path of awakening quite quite
frankly and you can be at all different
places that doesn’t matter so much as as it is
that you know that your answers are with
inside of you and maybe we just have a
little bit of a challenge getting inside
and finding those answers and then
aligning that to the path that we want
to walk so you’re open to and maybe already doing
introspective work maybe you’ve already
done shadow work and you’ve kind of
cleared out some some some traumas and
unhealthy behaviors
we’re all we’re not no we’re not perfect
i’m not saying you have to be perfect
but you’re ready
you’re already in here and you’re ready
feeling you’re already examining your
thoughts you already know that
i’ve got empowering thoughts and i have
disempowering thoughts i want to have
more empowering thoughts how do i change
that how do i shift that okay somebody
who knows that their thoughts
create their reality all right
and maybe we just can’t quite get to
changing our thoughts so we are creating
that reality that that we know that we
want to step into so i see this these
retreats being very very very well
aligned with somebody already on their
awakening path that that maybe is just a little stuck
in some areas and doesn’t quite know how
to get get on it and be taking the the action
that’s gonna line with
what you’re feeling and where your body
wants to be and what your uh where where
your your thoughts are
from a non-egoic perspective we find
that a lot of people that want to help
others really align with our treats so
people that are in the um alternative
healing practitioner fields
light workers uh energy workers that
that know all these things are ready and
you really really really are being of
service or want to be disservice to
others but quite honestly we’ve got to
do our own work as as well so we feel
like our retreats are really well
aligned with people that are wanting to help
empower others in all kinds of ways
shapes and in form
you don’t necessarily have to be be
doing that but you can also just be
somebody who just knows that they’re on
a spiritual path and they just want a
little bit more help
with really truly embodying
your true nature and stepping into your
path stepping into your fullness that’s
what our retreats help with and if any
of that sounds like it’s aligned with
you i welcome you to check out our
sacredpillers.church website on our
events page and see what retreats we have coming up
we’d love to have you join us